Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout plugin is FREE for Novation Sound Collective members

Novation has teamed up with the young company Yum Audio giving away LoFi Pitch Dropout plugin for free to all Sound Collective members.

In order to benefit from this deal, one must have a registered hardware product from Novation. This makes you a Sound Collective Member

Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout


LoFi Pitch Dropout emulates a virtual tape getting stuck randomly and catching up again. It features six different modes: cassette flux, heavy drop, driplets, broken VHS, vintage player, and pyramid. The plugin allows you to do these unique effects randomly, ranging in frequency from very rarely to extremely often, or controlled through the dropout button. You can also automate the latter for extra precise control. Thus the user has full control over the effect.

It’s a perfect plugin to add extra layer of character to your sounds and tracks. Or to give the tracks / sounds a special touch with which you can set yourself apart from other releases.

Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout is available now for free (reg. 75€/$90) for members of Novation’s Sound Collective community until October 7th, 2021 (4pm BST). It runs as a VST3, AU & AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. It also includes a 25% discount code to redeem against any products in the Yum Audio range.

More information here: Novation