2B Delayed Classic stereo delay plugin FREE for a limited time

Ends August 5, 2021

2B Played has today announced that they are giving away the 2B Delayed Classic for free until August 5, 2021.

2B Delayed Classic is a creative stereo delay with a built-in filter and distortion for macOS and Windows.

2B Delayed Classic


The plugin is the predecessor of the 2B Delayed that has more advanced features. However, this version has a lot to offer. It includes  independent delay timings for the left and right channels and feedback control. Then you can apply a lowpass and highpass filter to shape the delay. In the final stage, you can add distortion to the signal.

The plugin is not only capable to create traditional stereo echo/delay effects but also delays with unique timbres thanks to the built-in distortion. According to the developer, the signal flow is built to extensively manipulate the audible delay with the advanced filter and distortion technology we’ve developed for our plug-in series.

Delayed Classic is available as a free download with the coupon 2BFREE and runs on macOS and Windows in VST, VST3 and AU format. The deal is only valid until August 5, 2021. The developer also has a summer sale with a 50% OFF discount on all plugins including 2B Distorted, Delayed, Shaped Filter, and more.

More information here: 2B Played

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