VAST Dynamics Vaporizer 2 wavetable Synthesizer is now FREE and open-source

VAST Dynamics has turned its Vaporizer 2 wavetable Synthesizer into a free plugin (macOS/Windows) and is open-source.

Not only this is good news, but it’s even more than just a free wavetable synth, it’s a hybrid instrument with multiple engines.

‎Vast Dynamics Vaporizer 2

VAST Dynamics Vaporizer 2

Vaporizer 2 is a hybrid Synthesizer plugin with both wavetable and sampler engines. The main core consists of four alias-free, versatile, high-performance wavetable oscillators with low system CPU resource usage, say the developers. Each oscillator comes with 780 wavetables and a deep wavetable editor, allowing you to draw shapes, and modify them in detail.

Each wavetable oscillator offers a massive amount of bending and shaping options, including:

  • up to 24 oscillator unison
  • 30 real-time wavetable effects per oscillator (hard sync, sincify, brew, and more)
  • mix-in, amplitude modulate, interpolate, convolute, time>frequency, frequency>time, or normalize wavetable cycles.
  • FM, PWM, harmonic morphed/reduced, low pass / high pass/band pass/comb/formant filtering, and more
  • morphing and phase shifting of wavetable cycles.
  • support for Serum/Icarus format wavetables via drag-and-drop
  • Record single cycle changes into a new wavetable.
  • Oscillator pitch modulation and phase modulation with very fast modulations (up to ~ 2kHz).

Besides this, you get a full additive synthesis engine with control over all harmonics and phases in real-time. Plus, there is a 4-OP FM engine onboard making it a versatile FM Synthesizer. That’s not all.

There is also a sampler engine with granular synthesis and resampling. You can set loop points, modulate the loop start position, and resamples samples to wavetables with pitch detection. Plus, you get a noise generator of various types.

More Features

  • multimode filter with 30+ different filter types
  • 3-bus multi-FX section with 11+ fully customizable effects (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, bitcrush, EQ, compressor, limiter, comb filter, waveshaper…
  • modulation engine with 25 mod sources
  • five multi-wave DAW syncable LFOs per voice
  • five freely editable MSEG envelopes with loop function and sync
  • built-in arpeggiator with polyphonic modes and MIDI files
  • three syncable step sequencers
  • intelligent polyphonic portamento / glissando
  • MPE support
  • preset browser
  • scalable UI
  • four different UI themes to choose from.
  • 410+ factory presets, 780+ wavetables and single cycles


An impressive free Synthesizer with tons of features. Thanks VAST Dynamics.

VAST Dynamics Vaporizer 2 is available now as a FREE download. It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + under Rosetta on Apple Silicon) and Windows. The code is open-source and available on GitHub.

More information here: VAST Dynamics / GitHub