Deal: Save up 48% OFF on Polyend Tracker hardware groovebox

Hardware Deal: save up to 48% OFF on Polyend Tracker hardware groovebox with sampling functionality for a limited time.

There are rarely big hardware deals because margins are way smaller than on software. But this new deal on the Polyend Tracker is a great deal.

Deal Polyend Tracker Plugin Deals


Polyend Tracker is a portable groovebox that is based on the iconic Tracker concept. The key feature and difference to other grooveboxes is the way it works. Instead of composing from left to right, you work vertically from top to bottom.

With their own product, Polyend takes this retro-composing concept into the modern age with creative, inspiring features, making it a powerful tool for the studio and on-the-go. The instrument core consists of a sampler with real-time sampling functionalities. You can record new ones straight via the line or mic inputs or use the built-in FM radio.

Samples can be sliced and manipulated further using wavetable and granular synthesis. Plus, it hosts all the ingredients of a synth, including filters, ADSR envelopes, effects, and more. The Tracker also comes with bi-directional MIDI implementation. This allows you to use to sequence and control external gear.

Feature Overview

  • Eight-channel tracker and sampler
  • 128-step patterns with up to 255 patterns per project
  • Instrument, note, and two FX parameters per step
  • Sample at 16-bit/44.1kHz from mic/line inputs, patterns, off of microSD card, or with on-board FM radio
  • Granular mode for exploring the micro-sound content of samples
  • Create wavetables from samples
  • One shot, forward, backwards, or ping pong sample playback
  • Cut up samples with the slice feature
  • Over 20 FX
  • 48 playable pads
  • Large clear screen
  • MIDI in and out
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum

The Polyend Tracker deal is available now for $399/399€ instead of $699/699€ for a limited time. Sweetwater has it on sale for $359.

More information here: Polyend 

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