Hornet SpringVerb reverb plugin is a free download only today (Feb 8, 24)

Free DEAL: Hornet SpringVerb is an algorithmic reverb replicating a spring reverb’s physical interactions; it’s a free download only today (Feb 8, 2024).

Yes, you read that right. You can now download the plugin without a catch. The only thing you need is a free account with Hornet.

Hornet Springverb plugin

Hornet SpringVerb

SpringVerb is an algorithmic reverb plugin that recreates the physical interactions of a spring reverb. Hornet’s take on a spring reverb allows you to tweak this interaction and the character of the entire effect.

There are various options to modify it. First, you can select the number of springs from one to three to achieve different results. A setting with a single spring gives you, for example, a mono reverb with a bouncy character.

Then, you can set the intrinsic vibration time of the springs, which determines the length of the reverb. Tweaking the decay parameter creates a damping effect on the springs.

Resonance and brightness are two other parameters of the SpringVerb plugin. You can here the self-resonance point of the spring and the highest frequency it can reach. They also affect how the reverb propagates inside the springs, says Hornet.

Density lets you tweak the sounds in more lush or metallic sonic territories.  Further, SpringVerb also comes with a classic dry/wet mix parameter. Don’t forget that you can also load and save presets using the two buttons.

The plugin does not require iLok. But you need a free account with Hornet, which can be created very quickly.

Hornet SpringVerb is available now as a free download for 24 hours (reg. 12,99€) until February 8, 2024 (23:59 CET). It runs as a 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

More information here: Hornet