Spitfire Audio LABS Synth Strings & Organic Textures, FREE virtual instruments

Spitfire Audio has recently published two new free LABS virtual instruments: Synth Strings for the month of August, and Organic Textures for July.

These two are two more expansions for the great LABS series which are free virtual instruments, each with a unique timbre and character.

LABS Synth Strings

LABS Synth Strings

The new expansion “Synth Strings” in the LABS series features classic synth textures which come from the iconic Solina String Ensemble from 1974. From fuzzy, warm vibrations to bright stabs that cut through the mix, it has been captured at Spitfire’s HQ by Harry Wilson & Hannah Roberts-Shaw.

You can customize them with a handful of parameters including the timbre, reverb, ADSR envelope, and variation. The plugin comes complete with sampled modulation and processed pads — equally at home on a Herbie-style record as it is on a Blade Runner-style blockbuster template.

LABS Organic Textures

In case you missed the LABS from the month of July. Organic Textures also gives you fresh synth textures. This time not sampled from a vintage synth but created from organic-sourced field recordings. The sound designer Dan Keen captured the sounds of thunder, rain, wind, and birdsong in the English countryside. The result is an atmospheric soundscape virtual instrument with nature sounds.

Further, you can customize easily the sounds in the LABS’ interface that makes the instrument versatile

Spitfire Audio Synth Strings & Organic Textures are available as a free download for the Spitfire Audio app. The latter runs as a VST, AU & AAX plugin on Windows & macOS.

More information here: Spitfire Audio