EXPIRED) 33,4% OFF Modal Electronics SKULPT, 4-Voice Poly Synthesizer

Plugin.Deals is not only a website for good plugin offers but also for hardware music tech deals. This happens less often but today there is something like that. Sweetwater (US) currently offers the Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer for $100 less, which is a discount of 33,4%. The regular price was $299.

SKULPT is a portable, battery-powered polyphonic Synthesizer with an MPE compatible digital core. It offers two super lush sounding oscillators per voice with a unique spread function (up to 32 oscillators), a juicy filter, three envelope generators, and two LFOs. Lastly, you can enrich the timbres with different effects and play them with a versatile arpeggiator. SKULPT comes with an excellent cross-platform editor in which sounds can be programmed and saved.

Modal Expired

Here you should also highlight that the synth comes with classic MIDI In / Out sockets as well as sync in / out for Korg Volcas etc.

In short, SKULPT is a great-sounding digital synth that is capable of creating brute bass, classic FM to large bright pad sounds known from analog synths. If you put a lot of emphasis on being able to take your synths with you and on a versatile sound, then the SKULPT is just right for you. For $199, you get here a great instrument.


  • Massive four-voice polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer in a portable, small-format design
  • Eight oscillators with selectable waveforms per voice total 32 oscillators for an ultra-fat sound
  • Three envelope generators for frequency, amplitude, and modulation
  • Two audio-rate LFOs —one global and one polyphonic — to shape your signal
  • Route eight modulator sources to 37 destinations with an 8-slot modulation matrix
  • Formidable arpeggiator featuring division, direction, octave, swing and sustain controls
  • Pre-filter waveshaping overdrive and onboard digital delay with clock sync
  • You can power it over USB or six AA batteries so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Play with the built-in 16-note touchpad or external MIDI controller via 5-pin DIN or USB-MIDI
  • Optional software editor compatible with any macOS, iOS, Windows, or Android Device

I took a closer look at the SKULPT Synthesizer on Synth Anatomy. For those of you who didn’t know, Plugin.Deals is Synth Anatomy’s little sister

Modal Electronics SKULPT is available now for $199 from Sweetwater.

More information here: Modal Electronics

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