75% OFF iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Effect Plugin ($49 Deal)

Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive 75% OFF sale on iZotope Stutter Edit 2 plugin for PC & Mac. It allows you to create the famous “stutter”editing effect with rhythmic gestures, sweeping filters, and glitchy effects.

Plus, you get the Pumper 3 & Imprint bundle from W.A Productions for free.

izotope Stutter Edit 2


  • Create instant rhythmic patterns out of any sound. Trap your hi-hat. Make your vocals skip and jump. Turn percussion into pitch. Make an instant dubstep breakdown.
  • An easier setup with AUTO mode lets you audition sounds in your mix hassle-free with one button. Or hook up a MIDI controller with step-by-step in-app help that detects what DAW you’re in.
  • Curve Editor affects any setting in Stutter Edit 2, letting you make sweeping filters, pumping reverbs, and blends of lo-fi energy. Drill into any setting to edit the curve in detail, or choose from 12 premade curves for instant inspiration.
  • Effects modules: get the creative juices flowing with deeper controls and more options for motion and chaos. Stutter Edit 2 adds new Comb and Chorus modules, along with a full-featured Reverb and two-band Distort module.
  • Banks and gestures designed by BT deliver a wealth of effects, ideas, and sounds. Saved banks auto-map to your MIDI key keyboard, giving you dozens of gestures at your fingertips.
  • UI experience offers a logical workflow, with a new dedicated output section, easier Stutter controls, and a flexible system for saving banks and gestures.

iZotope Stutter Edit 2 is available now for $49 USD through November 2nd, 2020 (Regularly $199 USD).

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