Monoplugs Monique Synthesizer & B-Step Sequencer Plugins Are Now Free

Monoplugs, a German plugin manufacturer, recently went out of business. A memory remains for music producers: both plugins: Monoplugs Monique Synthesizer and B-Step sequencer are now available as a free download but without further support.

Both the Monique and B-Step run in VST, VST3, and AU plugin formats for PC & Mac but also as a standalone version.

Monoplugs Monique


Monique is a monophonic virtual analog Synthesizer that mainly focuses on big bass and lead sounds. The instrument feature three continuous morphable oscillators, three filters, and an EQ bank. The oscillators have a vintage sound with a modern twist. However, they don’t emulate a specific synthesizer from the past. Then, you have an envelope for each filter, amp envelope, a wide range of effects (delay, distortion, chorus, reverb…), and many modulation options.

The built-in real-time waveform monitor is very helpful because it gives you direct feedback on your sound. Monique is not the easiest synthesizer, that’s for sure because the plugin has a lot of possibilities which are also hidden. I got a Monique version from the developer on the release date but honestly struggled with the interface for a longer period of time. It’s visually appealing, intuitive designed but too many features. The GUI is resizable but unfortunately, the GUI is still laggy. The Monoplugs developers haven’t improved it since the official release of Monique. Nonetheless, Monique is a powerful good-sounding synth you should try out.


The second product from Monoplugs is B-Step and is now also available as a free download. It’s a versatile sequencer perfect for generating basslines, melodies, chord progressions, arpeggios, and more. According to the developer, it is optimized for multi-touch displays.

B-Step is also a bit overpowered. It offers many inspiring sequencer features including ratcheting/step repeats, mono/poly playback modes, pattern auto chaining, reverse playback, and more. Like Monique, it comes with a resizable user interface that can be customized with different UI themes.

Monoplugs b-step

At first look, B-Step is a very creative plugin that you should try out. You can always use a sequencer, especially when working in a DAW that is not perfectly optimized for electronic music. Here is a little demo of B-Step sequencer.


Monoplugs Monique Synthesizer and B-Step are no longer on the official website. They are only available as a free download in the KVR Audio forum.

More information here:  Monique B-Step

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