Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500 & VPRE-2C plugins FREE for Novation Sound Collective members

Novation has teamed with Fuse Audio Labs offering the Bucket-500 delay and VPRE-2C preamp plugins for free for all Novation Sound Collective members.

Novation Sound Collective is a platform that you can join for free if you have purchased a Novation hardware product. Regardless of whether it is a MIDI controller, synthesizer, groovebox … Simply register your hardware unit and you get access to the platform. New free deals await you here several times a year.

Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500

Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500

The Bucket-500 is a musical” delay plugin that emulates the typical juicy flavors of an analog bucket brigade (BBD). The developers modeled the BL-3208 delay chip, the SA-571 based compandor system as well as the anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters. If you like direct control without deep sub-menus, this is the place for you.

Bucket-700 is a very simple plugin with a very intuitive user interface. Almost like an analog pedal with classic settings including left/right delay time (10-1k), feedback, and wet mix. Fuse Audio Labs also added custom features enhancing its flexibility and fun factor, including a tilt filter in the feedback path, a stereo cross-feed option, and an optional delay clock LFO.

This enables you not only to create bread and butter delay effects but also more sophisticated, complex textures. But with that the same warm, grungy, organic feeling we know from BBD-style delays.

Fuse Audio Lab VPRE-2C

The VPRE-2C is a preamp plugin that emulates an all-tube and transformer-based preamp rarity from the 1950s. It delivers a smooth and dense tone which is so typical for the great American recordings of this era, and yet its straightforward design results in a unique and worthwhile sonic character.

The plugin version gives you control over the gain, tone (lo, flat, hi), mix, and trim. It also has an additional signal boost switch and a dedicated power on/off switch. It’s perfect to enrich your recordings with an authentic tube vibe in the most intuitive way. Great on drums, synths, and more.

Novation Sound Collective members can download Fuse Audio Labs’ FX plugin Bucket500 and VPRE2C for free (worth £39.00/$49.00/44.00 each). They run as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. In addition, members get a 50% discount code to redeem against any product in the Fuse Audio Labs range. These offers are valid from 28th October to 16th December (4pm GMT).

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