Sample Science Deep Jupiter, free plugin with Roland Jupiter bass sounds

Sample Science has published Deep Jupiter, a new free bass virtual instrument plugin for macOS and Windows.

It features sounds from the Roland Jupiter analog Synthesizer series from the 80s.

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Deep Jupiter

Deep Jupiter is a virtual bass instrument plugin that has 8 multi-sampled raw bass sounds for electronic genres like synthwave, chillwave retrowave, and synthpop. It is not a whole synthesizer but a rompler-style plugin with sounds that you can use immediately without tweaking them for a long time. According to the developer, the internal samples/sounds are public domain.

The plugin also gives different options to shape the internal sounds. They are not very deep but good enough to give you a bit of sound demo playroom. It comes with a built-in switchable lowpass/highpass filter, a multi-wave LFO, an amplitude ADSR envelope, and glide control. Further, you get pan control and a decent-sounding internal reverb effect. The plugin can be played in monophonic, polyphonic, and legato mode. It is a very simple plugin that also uses very little CPU.

Sample Science Deep Jupiter is available now as a free download and runs as a 64-bit only VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Sample Science 

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