Soundpaint releases free 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway virtual instrument plugin

8Dio recently launched Soundpaint, a new platform for deeply sampled virtual instruments, including a free 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway piano library.

Soundpaint is a platform that is reminiscent of Native Instruments’ Kontakt plugin, but without the possibility of using your own samples. So it’s more the idea of the Kontakt Player. However, 8Dio’s new engine offers some interesting innovations, that puts the concept of sampled instrument forward.

Soundpaint 1928 vintage grand steinway

Soundpaint 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway

The first library release for the new Soundpaint engine is a deep-sampled 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway piano. Deep because the engines gives you almost infinite layers of velocities what a unique feature of this new platform. It features 32 ready-to-explore preset programs made from 4892 real-time samples™ (8.05GB).

What is really exciting here is that it is not a normal piano library. Thanks to the versatile Soundpaint engine, the sounds can be manipulated very deeply. For example, you can load up to 4 layers with the ability to morph between two sounds. So you can create a very unique piano timbre. It also hosts a wide range of effects including different delays, granular verbs, and more.

And the library, which can be downloaded for free, sounds damn great. Hard to miss this deal.


Soundpaint engine is available now as a free download and runs as a VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. A standalone version is also available. If you make an account, you can download the 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway for free. No subscription, no extra, it’s completely free of charge.

More information here: Soundpaint