Davisynth Audio releases free Spiral Delay plugin for mac and win

Davisynth Audio has published Spiral Delay, a free variable ping-pong delay plugin for macOS (Apple Silicon support) and Windows.

There are tons of free delay plugins out there. Many of them are classically oriented and have the same bread-and-butter features. Spiral Delay is a ping pong delay, nothing new either, but it has its own characteristics that make it exciting.

‎Davisynth Spiral Delay


Spiral Delay is a new free delay plugin that produces a variable ping-pong effect that slowly pans echos back and forth rather than hard panning left/right for each echo. The developer says:

It is a step up from your basic ping-pong delay! It makes echoes that slowly pan back and forth at an adjustable speed. This amounts to a ping-pong style delay but instead of switching between hard-left and hard-right panning, there are intermediate panning steps.

The plugin gives you control over the dry/wet, mid/side, twist rate, decay, delay, and reference. Spiral Delay also hosts a bandpass filter controllable with cutoff and bandwidth controls. There is also DAW tempo-matching built-in, probably DAW sync.

Davisynth Audio Spiral Delay is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information to download it here: Davisynth Audio



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