Save 60% OFF UVI Beat Anthology 2 drum machine plugin

UVI has put its Beat Anthology 2 drum machine plugin with sounds from 111 hardware drum machines on sale for 59€ instead of 149€ (60% OFF).

If you’re looking for a drum machine for your DAW with plenty of vintage sounds, you’ve come to the right place.

‎UVI Beat Anthology 2 plugin deals


Beat Anthology 2 is a drum machine that runs in the UVI Falcon 2 Synthesizer as well as in the free UVI Workstation plugin. It ships with a massive collection of vintage, modern, and unique drum sounds.

UVI has captured 111 hardware drum machines, resulting in more than 11.000 samples. The drum machine has 12 tracks, each track has a 3-layer architecture. This means, you can layer up to three different sounds in an instrument track. So you can craft your own kick or snare sounds.

Then, you get per-track effects, including 3-band EQ, compressor send effects. Plus there is a master EQ and bit-crusher effect. The sounds can be played back by a drum sequencer with up to 64 steps. With drag-and-drop, you can also export MIDI to your DAW very easily.

Here is a full review of the Beat Anthology 2.

Sound Demo

UVI Beat Anthology 2 is available now for 59€ instead of 149€ (60% OFF) through September 11, 2023, and only on the website.

More information here: UVI