Wasted Audio DL3Y, new multi-band delay plugin and DLAY free version

Wasted Audio has published two new delay plugins, DL3Y with three separate bands, and DLAY, a free version for mac, Linux, and Windows.

The DLAY has a simpler feature set but is completely free.

Wasted Audio DLAY

Wasted Audio DL3Y & DLAY

Both new plugins from Wasted Audio are classic delay plugins with a simple and clean interface. They both use the same delay algorithm and can switch between free delay time from 50ms up to 5000ms range.

They also offer DAW sync with steps from 1/6th up to 6x the speed of your session.

Wasted Audio DL3Y

Wasted Audio DLAY Vs. DL3Y

Unlike the free DLAY, the DL3y offers three separate delay bands, each with various parameters: time, sync, feedback, cross, and mix. A built-in 3Q cross-over algorithm is also included, giving you filtering control over each band.

The free DLAY plugin, on the other hand, is a very straightforward delay and applies it to the entire result, and does not offer individual band processing

Wasted Audio DL3Y is available now for $13,37. DLAY is a free download. Both releases are available as a VST2, VST3, CLAP, and LV2 plugin for macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon), Linux, and Windows. Like the other plugins, it’s without DRM and it’s open-source.

More information here: Wasted Audio 

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