57% OFF Sugar Bytes Factory Synthesizer Plugin (VST/AU/AAX)

Ends July 21st, 2019

Sugar Bytes Factory is a modular synthesizer for creating complex and organic sounds. Choose from the most particular synthesis methods, let yourself be charmed by the Matrix and morph between the most improbable variations of your sound. Four sequencers are pulling the strings behind the curtain. Factory is polyphonic supersonics!

Everything from beautiful soundscapes and pads, to gliding 80’s style leads, modern EDM dance plucks, and aggressive and filthy “wub” basses, Sugar Bytes Factory makes creating new and unique sounds a breeze. There are some fantastic presets included, created by world-class sound designers, and just tweaking the parameters in the Mod Matrix will create vastly different sounds instantly.

Sugar Bytes Factory

The 2 oscillators are the tonal ore and each of their 10 different modes is an instrument in its own right. Besides non-aliasing VA-Sync and fractal oscillators, we actually tackled wavetable, waveguide, and FM. We also lifted Cyclop’s complex Transformer tool and made it polyphonic: Feed your samples to the oscillators!

Factory opens up new paths to creative sound design – so it’s more than simply another instrument. Generative and durable sounds are child’s play, as well as the direct bass to the beat.


  • Poly Synth with Mod-Matrix and Sequencers.
  • 2×10 Oscillator Engines.
  • Sub-Oscillator with Ring modulation.
  • Noise Generator with 5 colors.
  • 8×10 Mod Matrix with 36 targets.
  • Morph Fader, 2 States & Copy/Paste.
  • Sample & Hold Modul.
  • 8-voice VA-Sync, Wavetable, Waveguide & Fractal Synthesis.

Sugar Bytes Factory is available now for $59.99 USD until July 21st, 2019. A purchase includes $29.99 USD in Rewards which you can use for any product in The Shop.

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