Save 80% OFF on iZotope Neoverb, an intelligent morphing reverb plugin ($49)

Ends February 28, 2022

Sweetwater has launched an exclusive deal on the iZotope Neoverb reverb plugin. For a limited time, you can purchase iZotope’s intelligent morphing reverb for just $49 USD instead of $249 USD.

Plugin Boutique also has the plugin on sale, but for €79, which is a lot more. So Sweetwater has definitely the better deal.

iZotope Neoverb

iZotope Neoverb

Neoverb combines Exponential Audio’s high-end algorithms and iZotope’s AI knowledge into a novel reverb plugin. The plugin gives you all classic reverb types including early reflections, rooms, plates, chambers, and hall. With the novel blend pad in the middle of the interface, users get a instant visualisation of the timbre but also a new way of creating reverbs. It allows you to mix three different reverb algorithms simultaneously and craft your own reverb.

If you want it smarter, Neoverb comes with the reverb assistant that uses AI-assisted processing to create complex, customized reverbs for any track. Further, you get:

  • Formidable EQ section achieves amazing-sounding reverbs without long plug-in chains
  • AutoCut function suggests EQ moves to keep your input signal clean before you add reverb
  • Smoothing control evens out your track’s dynamics, thereby avoiding distracting artifacts
  • Unmask feature ensures that your reverb doesn’t overwhelm your mix
  • Masking Meter deploys inter-plug-in communication to indicate where your reverb is masking other tracks
  • Modulation adds lushness and depth to your reverb
  • Resizable interface accommodates your screen size and workflow
  • Pro-designed presets give you a sizable cache of application-specific starting points

iZotope Neoverb is available now for $49 USD exclusively on and is valid until February 28th, 2022.

More information here: Sweetwater