Download 23 Legacy ToneBoosters plugins (mac/win) with 64-bit support for FREE

ToneBoosters has today released its entire legacy plugin catalogue for macOS and Windows with 64-bit support as a free download.

It includes 23 different audio plugins including compressors, EQs, tape simulators, reverbs, and more.

Toneboosters legacy free plugins deals

Toneboosters Legacy Plugins

ToneBoosters has released 23 plugins as a FREE download. No newsletter subscription, no limited time, no registration, just a simple download. All with 32- and 64-bit support and macOS and Windows support. They run on the new Apple Silicon M1 computer under Rosetta without any problems.

They are available all in a single download file.  So you download and install them all together. You don’t have to register them, nor use a key file, that’s handy.

What’s In There

All plugins are in v3 and are officially out of sale. But that doesn’t mean you don’t take care of them anymore. So there should still be bug fixes.

  • Barricade, a true peak-limiter
  • Broadcast – a multi-band compressor
  • BusCompressor – a transparent compressor, designed to be a all-round dynamics processor
  • Compressor – a versatile dynamic range compressor
  • DeEsser removes or reduces excess sibilants in vocals (such as ‘sss’ and ‘tth’) without adversely affecting the low-frequency (voiced) parts of the signals.
  • Dither – bit depth modifier, for example when authoring a CD…
  • EBUCompact – a stereo and multi-channel loudness measurement tool
  • EBULoudness – a stereo and multi-channel loudness measurement tool
  • Equalizer – a versatile equalizer with a wide variety of filter prototypes and channel modes.

Toneboosters legacy plugins free

  • Evoke is an multi-fx that consists of an integrated DC/rumble filter, a smart gate, a transparent compressor, a multi-band excess sibilance processor, and an exciter in one convenient plugin
  • EZQ is an equalizer
  • Ferox: tape simulator that simulates the smooth compression and saturation that reminds one of the good old days of tape recording
  • FIX4: combines equalization and dynamics processing in one go with external side chain option.
  • FIX is an equalizer and dynamic processor in one plugin. Same as FIX4 but without the side chain option.
  • Gate: a very functional and simple to use gate.
  • Isone: a stereo virtual reproduction system and listening room in your high-quality headphones.
  • MidSideTransformer: a classic mid side tool

More Free Plugins

  • Module: a multi-fx for a wide range of variety of feedback and modulation effects including a  set of serialized processes such as panning, delay, filters, and sound-field rotation with user-controllable feedback
  • ReelBus: an authentic analog tape recording simulator
  • Reverb: a versatile room acoustic simulation and reverberation algorithm.
  • Sibalance: a de-esser plugin
  • Time Machine allows to simulate the effect of A/D and D/A aliasing, re-sampling, and bit reduction (both linear and mu-Law quantization).
  • Voice Pitcher a simple to use, while very effective plugin to change the overall pitch of dialog and vocals, including singing voices

ToneBoosters Legacy plugins runs as a (32-/64-bit)  VST2, and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. They run smoothly on macOS M1 computers under Rosetta. To download the plugins, follow the link below, scroll until “Legacy (v3) plug-in installer (64-bits) and download your installer.

More information here: ToneBoosters