FKFX Obvious Filter, Free Morphing Sequencing Filter Plugin

The new software company FKFX, consists of two ex-developers from Ohmforce, FXpansion … has today released Obvious Filter, a new free morphing filter with an advanced sequencer.

The plugin is similar to the TAL-Filter 2 that I also wrote about, but this goes far deeper.

FKFX Obvious Filter

FKFX Obvious Filter

The core of Obvious Filter consists of an analog-modeling filter engine (by Laurent De Soras) with 10 different types including LP4, LP2, BP4, BP2, HP4, HP2, N4, N2, N2X, peak, and envelope. The highlights of the plugin are its powerful fully customizable sequencer and what it can do. It can transform any incoming audio into complex, rhythmic sequences. Sounds exciting, yes it is, and not only for a short time.

With the morph knob, you can morph through different shapes which gives you instant new modulation shapes. Thanks to the morph editor, you can also draw your own, complex filter modulation shapes i.e the rhythmic elements that the plugin generates for you. The rate/tempo of the mod can be set with the rate knob with advanced options such as polyrhythmical rates.

Then, there is a simple modulation matrix that allows you to dive even deeper into the world of filter movements. Here you find 33 unique targets as well as 39 modulation oscillators inspired by legendary synthesizers such as the Prophet 5. There are also three morphing modes: immediate, morph, and linear. These are door openers for simple but also complex mod curves.

Four built-in randomizers (Re-order, Curve, Sequence, and everything) generates new sequence shapes with a simple click on your mouse. New inspiring elements are one click away. The plugin also ships with 128 presets that gives you a nice overview of what the plugin is capable of.

Obvious Filter is a powerful sound design tool and who is looking for a more complex filtering tool than TAL’s, shouldn’t miss this one.

FKFX Obvious Filter is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS & Windows 10. You can find the link on the Patreon page that is also accessible without a subscription. If you enjoy the plugin, don’t forget to support the developers.

More information here: FKFX