d16 Group launches its Summer Sale 2023 with 40% OFF on plugins and bundles

d16 Group has launched its Summer Sale 2023, with price drops by 40%. These drops are available on individual synths, drum machines, FX plugins, and complete bundles.

Also included in the Summer Sale is the new LuSH-2 synthesizer, which is based on the Roland SH-101.

D16 Group Summer Sale 2023


The Polish developers are known for their high-quality synths and effects plugins. Their latest plugins are the LuSH-2 and Phoscyon 2. LuSH-2 is a the successor of its popular LuSH-101 plugin, an authentic emulation of the Roland SH-101 but with a feature set on steroids. Including multi-timbral support, built-in effects, and more.

Phyoscon 2, on the other side, is d16’s take on the legendary Roland TB-303 Synthesizer. It features an accurate soft replication of the 303 engine but taken further with deeper adjustment options. The following plugins are on sale.

Synths and Drum Machines

  • LuSH-2: Roland SH-101-style Synthesizer plugin
  • Phoscyon 2: TB-303-style Synthesizer plugin on steroids
  • PunchBOX drum Synthesizer
  • Nepheton 808-style drum machine
  • Drumazon 989-style drum machine (v2 is coming soon!)
  • Nithonat drum machine


  • Decimort 2 bit-crusher
  • Devastor 2 distortion
  • Redoptor 2 distortion
  • Toraverb 2 reverb
  • Repeater delay
  • Antresol flanger
  • Tekturon delay
  • Sigmund delay
  • Spacerek reverb
  • Godfazer modulator
  • Syntorus 2 chorus
  • Fazortan 2 phaser


  • SilverLine Collection
  • Classic Boxes Collection
  • D16 Group Total Bundle

d16 Group Summer Sale 2023 is valid until August 28th, 2023.

Get the deal here:

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