Best Audio Plugin Deals & Music Tech Discounts For Easter 2021

The next Black Friday sale won’t start for over six months but don’t worry, there are also numerous very good plugin deals for Easter 2021.

From big discounts on plugins (virtual instruments, effects, mix, and mastering), Kontakt libraries to classic sample libraries, everything is included. If you look closely you will also find great free deals that you can benefit from without paying anything. If that’s not enough, Plugin.Deals have their own category with the latest free deals.

Audio Plugin Deals easter

Our Highlights

To make the search a little easier for you, I have put all the deals for you on a list with the discounts and end times. If that’s still too much for you, here are some highlights from this year’s Easter Deals catalog.

Best Plugin Deals For Easter 2021

ProductDiscountHardware, Plugin, SoundwareTypeWebsiteEnds
Sonnox Spring Sale 65% OFF (Up To)PluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
iZotope Iris 289% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique03/05/2021
DJ Swivel Spring Sale41% OFF (Up To)PluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
SoundSpot Sale90% OFF (Up To)PluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
W.A Production Titan Bundle Sale92% OFFPluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique25/04/2021
Mastering The Mix REFERENCE 2 Sale20% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Glitchmachines Easter Sale90% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, EffectsPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
Tokyo Dawn Labs Sale 41% OFF (Up To)PluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
UJAM Finisher RETRO Intro Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginEffectsPlugin Boutique04/01/2021
Heavyocity Mosaic Spring Sale 33% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Softube Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Softube Modular & Add-ons Sale46% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Soundspot Good Friday Producers Bundle Sale99% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
SoundSpot Easter Sunday Drum Bundle Sale99% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
SoundSpot Easter Monday Vocal Bundle Sale99% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Spring Sale 20% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Zynaptiq WORMHOLE Sale44% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Sugar Bytes Cyclop Spring Sale50% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique13/04/2021
Sugar Bytes Spring Sale58% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, EffectsPlugin Boutique07/04/2021
D16 Group Spring Sale40% OFF (Up To)
PluginSynthesizer, Drum Machines, EffectsPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
zplane deCoda Sale 41% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Cherry Audio DCO-106 Spring Sale 50% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Producertech Sale50% OFFTutorialsTutorialsPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Aria Sounds Aurora Choir Sale 95% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/04/2021
Image Line Gross Beat Sale50% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique15/04/2021
Wave Alchemy Drumvolution Sale 60% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique05/04/2021
Tone Empire Easter Sale58% OFF (Up To)PluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Complete Bundle Spring Sale62% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
SONiVOX Spring Sale95% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizers, Virtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/05/2021
AAS Ultra Analog Session Sale80% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Wave Alchemy Drumvolution & Bassynth Bundle Sale 59% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
W.A. Production Ascension + Expansions Bundle Spring Sale70% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique29/04/2021
W.A. Production Spring Sale82% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique29/04/2021
ROLI Spring Sale30% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
Synchro Arts VocALign Project 3 Sale33% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Endlesss Introductory Sale50% OFFPluginDAWPlugin Boutique30/06/2021
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Spring Sale 75% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Iceberg Audio The Sub Spring Sale33% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/05/2021
Audiority Omnisphere Total Bundle Sale 50% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Sampleson Synth Bundle Sale51% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Xils Lab PolyKB III Sale 30% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Audiority Effects Bundle Easter Sale50% OFFPluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique05/04/2021
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2+ Bundle Spring Sale15% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Creative Intent Sale 52% OFF (Up To)PluginEffectsPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
sonible Spring Sale62% OFF (Up To)PluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
KV331 Spring Sale 82% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Kuassa Anniversary Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginEffectsPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Baby Audio Spaced Out Sale40% OFFPluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique26/04/2021
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Sale40% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Leapwing Audio Spring Sale20% OFF (Up To)PluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique21/04/2021
United Plugins Easter Egg Bundle & Upgrades Sale80% OFF (Up To)PluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Loopmasters Easter Sale50% OFFSoundwareSamples Plugin Boutique12/04/2021
United Plugins 2020 Collection Sale70% OFF (Up To)PluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Singomakers Plugins Spring Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Melda Production MMultiAnalyzer Sale 61% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Arturia V Collection 8 Sale16% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique06/04/2021
CloudBounce Spring Sale93% OFF (Up To)PluginUtilityPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
W.A Production InstaChord Mega Pack Sale90% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Sampleson ElectroNylon Sale20% OFFPluginVirtual InstrmentsPlugin Boutique09/04/2021
e-instruments Spring Sale40% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Inphonik RX950 Sale 50% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Venomode Phrasebox Sale 50% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Melda Production eaSTEReo Sale50% OFFPluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique08/04/2021
AIR Music Technology Spring Sale93% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/05/2021
W.A. Production InstaScale Spring Sale88% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique29/04/2021
Tone Empire Virtual Analogue Studio Bundle Sale64% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
AudioThing Things - Motor Intro Sale52% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Cinematique Instruments Interval - Les Femmes Sale 30% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
United Plugins Transmutator Sale50% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Have Instruments Spring Sale35% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Karanyi Sounds Vapor Keys 2 Introductory Sale41% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Polyscape Pro Spring Sale 77% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Rigid Audio $5 Spring Sale97% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
DopeSONIX Spring Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Audiomodern Kontakt Instruments Sale36% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Heavyocity VENTO Essentials Intro Sale15% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/04/2021
Kirnu Cream Spring Sale50% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
UNDRGRND Sounds Redlight Spring Sale 90% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Diginoiz Spring Bundle Sale58% OFFPluginVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Karanyi Sounds Bestseller Synth Bundle Spring Sale 74% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Harvest Plugins Forager Sale 48% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Sound Particles Energy Panner Sale 40% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Have Instruments Have It All Bundle Sale 50% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
AudioThing Kontakt Bundle Sale 60% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale43% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique31/05/2021
Leapwing Audio DynOne 3 Sale30% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Tone Empire Reelight PRO Intro Sale50% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Pack Bundle Sale38% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique31/05/2021
BeatSkillz RetroVOLT & SampleX V2 Spring Sale 80% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2+ Advanced Bundle Spring Sale 13% OFFPluginUtility Plugin Boutique12/04/2021
Kilohearts Percussive Attack Sale51% OFF (Up To)PluginEffectsPlugin Boutique05/04/2021
Eventide Clockworks Bundle Sale72% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/06/2021
FXpansion Spring Sale30% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, SamplerPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
Audiority Maliki Sale 64% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Cherry Audio Eight Voice Synth Sale36% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique02/05/2021
Softube Volume 5 & Upgrades Intro Sale30% OFFPluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique16/04/2021
Vengeance Sound Spring Sale25% OFFPluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
accusonus Rhythmiq Sale20% OFFPluginUtilityPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
W.A Production Orchid Sale86% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique18/04/2021
United Plugins QuickBass Intro Sale67% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique11/04/2021
Voxengo Spring Sale 30% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Resonance Sound Logic Pro X Deep House Patches Sale 70% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/04/2021
denise Dragon Fire Intro Sale50% OFFPluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
W.A. Production Babylon + Expansions Bundle Spring Sale81% OFFPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique29/04/2021
denise Dragon Fire + Perfect Plate XL Bundle Sale31% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
denise Dragon Fire + God Mode Bundle Sale36% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Melda Production Eternal Madness Sale50% OFFPluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique04/04/2021
Initial Audio Sale81% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique
Ben Osterhouse Introductory Sale 25% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/04/2021
Rob Papen Sale33% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, EffectsPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
RawCutz Coffee Breaks Eight Intro Sale40% OFFSoundwareSamplesPlugin Boutique22/04/2021
D16 Group Decimort 2 Crossgrade Sale 65% OFFPluginEffectsPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Cherry Audio Sale77% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Cherry Audio Voltage Nucleus FREEFREEPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique31/05/2021
Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer FREEPluginSynthesizerPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Vapor Collection Intro Sale39% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
W.A Production Preset Pack Sale68% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Soundiron Sonespheres Sale 22% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Vintage Masters Collection Sale26% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Photosounder Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginMix & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Resonance Sound Synth Presets & MIDI Packs Easter Sale50% OFF (Up To)SoundwareSamplesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansions Sale55% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansions Sale57% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Sale52% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Beat Zampler Expansions Sale69% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Digital Brain Instruments Sale50% OFF (Up To)StandaloneVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
LP24 Serum Presets Easter Sale50% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Organic Loops Easter Sale50% OFFSoundwareSampesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Frontline Producer Easter Sale50% OFFSoundwareSamplesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Plugin Boutique Light Serum Presets Sale70% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Loopmasters Bass Master Expansions Sale52% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Loopmasters KHORDS Expansions Sale52% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique12/04/2021
Stagecraft Compressor & Overdrive5 Sale 70% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugins

Plugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Sale77% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Collection 8 Sale38% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Scoring Bundle Sale46% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Continuo Pro Collection Sale26% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Karanyi Sounds Analogue Collection Sale41% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
UVI Easter Sale 100€/$ (Up To)PluginSynthesizer, Virtual Instruments, EffectsUVI05/04/2021
Gforce Software66% OFF (Up To)PluginSynthesizerPluginfox30/04/2021
AAS Lounge Lizard EP-450% OFFPluginVirtual InstrumentsPluginfox07/04/2021
Ayaicware50% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPluginfox31/07/2021
Harrison AVA Spectral Compressor58% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPluginfox04/04/2021
ina GRM Tools Spectral Transform52% OFFPluginEffectsPluginfox04/04/2021
JST75% OFFPluginEffects, Mixing & MasteringPluginfox16/04/2021
Lesound AudioSpace25% OFFPluginSynthesizerPluginfox04/04/2021
Mia Laboratories25% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringPluginfox04/04/2021
MusicalSampling43% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPluginfox13/04/2021
Nomad Factory61% OFF (Up To)SoftwareMixing & MasteringPluginfox04/04/2021
Vienna Symphonic Library New BBO Bundles36% OFFPluginVirtual InstrumentsPluginfox08/04/2021
IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 280% OFF (Up To)PluginVirtual InstrumentsIK Multimedia03/05/2021
IK Multimedia Power Reels Collection83% OFFPluginEffectsIK Multimedia12/04/2021
Ueberschall Easter Deals50% OFFSoundwareSamplesThomann-
Tone2 Audiosoftware20% OFFPluginSynthesizersProducerspot-
Native Instruments Komplete 13 NKS DealsFree NKS giftsPluginSynthesizer, Virtual Instruments, Effects, Mixing & MasteringNative Instruments04/04/2021
Soundiron Collection71% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesNative Instruments-
Soundiron Vocal Suite68,83% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesNative Instruments-
Sampletekk Insane Next Level Keys Bundle 91% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesAudio Plugin Deals15/04/2021
Signum Audio BUTE Limiter 269% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringAudio Plugin Deals12/04/2021
LIBREWAVE O’Malley’s Irish Whistles 78% OFFPluginVirtual InstrumentsAudio Plugin Deals07/04/2021
Rigid Audio Pad Therapy90% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesAudio Plugin Deals05/04/2021
Image Sounds SIXPACK 1 – Instrument Loop Bundle83% OFFSoundwareSamplesAudio Plugin Deals15/04/2021
Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Infinity80% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesAudio Plugin Deals06/04/2021
Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions Bundle 54% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesAudio Plugin Deals13/04/2021
GHOSTHACK Cinematic Trailer SFX FREESoundwareSamplesAudio Plugin Deals15/04/2021
MeldaProduction MRhythmizerMB75% OFFPluginEffectsVST Buzz15/04/2021
Modern Producers 2DEEP Pop Kit Bundle 202195% OFFSoundwareSamplesVST BuzzVST Buzz13/04/2021
Gospel Musicians Pure Synth Platinum Bundle70% OFFPluginSynthesizerVST Buzz07/04/2021
Nomad Factory 77% OFFPluginMixing & MasteringVST Buzz06/04/2021
Plugin Alliance MEGA Sale90% OFF (Up To)
+ $20 OFF with the code MEGA-SALE-20OFF
PluginSynthesizer, Virtual Instruments, Effects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Alliance04/04/2021
Waves Audio Easter Sale40% OFF & $29,99 DealsPluginSynthesizer, Virtual Instruments, Effects, Mixing & MasteringWaves Audio04/04/2021
Mastering The Mix LevelsFREE with every purchasePluginMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/04/2021
Waldorf Edition LE BundleFREE, use the code K&F2021 at their webstorePluginSynthesizerWaldorf04/04/2021

The list will be constantly updated with new current deals. It will be worthwhile to stop by again and again. I thank you for your support if you use the partner links for your Easter purchase. The money goes entirely into the budget to finance the website. Big thanks and happy easter 2021.