Download A Plugin Alliance Plugin For FREE With The $20 Voucher Code

Plugin Alliance has recently announced a MEGA sale for Easter. For a limited time, you can save up to 90% OFF on their virtual instruments, effects, mixing, and mastering. Plus, Plugin Alliance has released a $20 voucher with which you can get a plugin of your choice for free.

The sales include top-selling plugins like the Mastering Compressor Class A, bx_console N, bx_digital V3, bx_masterdeck, and more.

Plugin Alliance Free Plugin

Plugin Alliance Free Plugin

To benefit from this offer use the voucher code MEGA-SALE-20OFF. With this voucher, you get a $20 discount on the already reduced price and with no minimum spend. To get the plugin for free you have to choose a product up to $14.99 USD, as taxes are added to this price. Here are the plugin which will be available for free with the code.

  • bx plugins: blackdist2, bluechorus2, distorange, greenscreamer, metal2, opto Pedal, tuner, yellowdrive,
  • Lindell Audio: 6X-500, 7X-500, PEK-500
  • Unfiltered Audio: Dent 2, Fault, G8, Indent 2, Instant Delay, Sandman, Sandman Pro

Highlights for me are the Sandman Pro delay, Fault pitch shifter, and Dent 2 distortion plugins which are amazing, experimental plugins.

The Plugin Alliance Mega Sale and 20$ voucher code for a free plugin are valid until April 3, 2021, 11:59 PM California Time. The code can also be used once (1x).

More information here: Plugin Alliance