IK Multimedia UNO Drum portable drum machine + travel bag now 159€

New hardware deal: the price of the IK Multimedia UNO Drum portable hybrid drum machine has dropped massively.

Back in 2019, it started with a retail price of 289€, currently you can buy it for just 159€ and plus you get a free travel bag during March.

Uno Drum Deal

IK Multimedia UNO Drum Deal

The UNO Drum is a portable, battery-powered hybrid drum machine that combines analog drum synthesis and PCM sample playback. The analog part consists of six true analog drum sounds with two different kick drums, snares, claps and high, each modifiable with different parameters.

The digital side is based on PCM elements that includes  toms, rims, cowbells, rides, crash cymbals, and more. Additionally, you can expand the PCM area with the free Anthology libraries that adds sounds from 40 vintage drum machines (Ace Tone Rhythm, Roland TR-77, Roland TR-33, Simmons SDS 8, and more. Up to 12 elements can be used in total between analog and digital sounds, with 11-voice polyphony available.

Then, it offers two analog master audio effects: drive and compressor for adding punch and character to your sounds. There are also five different inspiring performance effects like stutter, roll, humanize, swing, and random. You can trigger the sounds with a 12 touch sensitive pads with two velocity zones or with the built-in 64-step drum sequencer using the 16 buttons across the buttom.

Motion Sequencer

Further, UNO Drum also features a motion recording functionality in the sequencer that allows you to record up to 8 parameters per step. Song mode lets you chain up to 64 patterns together and stored the sequences can be triggered live on the fly. IK also offers a free cross-platform editor that lets you tweak the steps and parameters from your computer or mobile device.

On the backside, it offers a USB port, MIDI via 2.5mm jacks (cables included), an audio output and an audio input to daisy chain it directly with the UNO Synth devices.

Free Travel Bag

IK Multimedia is currently offering a free travel bag with every purchase of a UNO product. You have to register your device on the official website until March 31st

Deal Or Bad Gear?

UNO Drum is certainly not the best-sounding and best-built drum machine on the market.  For the current price of €159 you have to lower your expectations a bit. There are some known quirks, the pads are not perfect according to many, MIDI only over 2.5mm adapters, and only a single output. Yes there are some criticisms and a lot of room for improvement of a version 2 or Uno Drum Pro.

For the price, however, it offers a lot of features and a solid sound with which every musician on a small budget can get an analogue drum machine.

IK Multimedia Uno Drum is available now for 159€ at Thomann and Amazon.de. How long the price is valid is not known.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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