Kindza KranchDD, free experimental filter and distortion plugin

KranchDD from the indie developer Kindza is a free effects plugin that pairs a multimode filter with experimental distortion algorithms.

It’s free and requires no registration or subscribing to a newsletter.

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Kindza KranchDD

Kindza KranchDD combines a characterful filter with different experimental algorithms. The filter is multimode with smooth morphable lowpass/band pass/high pass settings. With the cutoff frequency and resonance controls, you can easily tweak the filter. Then, you have the distortion that hosts different wild algorithms and a dedicated amount control. There is also a multi-mode clip that can be activated with a press on a button.

Further, you can dial in the Pmod and feedback to add even more crunchy, dirty character to your sound. It also includes gain in and out controls as well as a dry/wet mix. On the lower left side there is also the possibility to modify the signal path. You can decide whether the filter is before or after the distortion making the plugin very versatile.

It’s a very unique free effects plugin, one that allows for very wild sonic experimentation. The somewhat dirty and strange GUI design reflects the character of the plugin perfectly, in my opinion. A plugin but also an indie plugin developer not to be missed.


Kindza KranchDD is available now as a free download and runs on macOS and Windows as a VST, VST3, and AU plugin. No registration required.

More information here: Kindza 

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