Yum Audio Flux Light, FREE tape warble plugin that adds character to your sounds

Yum Audio has today released two new plugins: LoFi Flux Machine and Flux Light, a free version with fewer features. LoFi Flux Machines combines analog-style tape warble, flutter with a rich tone-shaping section in a new characterful plugin. Great for adding tape-style instability and character to your tracks.

With Flux Light, the developers pull out the warble section of Flux Machine and put it in a free plugin.

Yum Audio Flux Light

Yum Audio Flux Light

Flux Light is based on a analog-modeled warble section that adds the typical pitch instability to your sounds. It’s controllable with two controls. You can set the intensity of the effects, i.e the processing amount so a kind of dry/wet mix control. Then, you can control the amount of warble (instability). So it gives more or fewer errors, for example. There is also a switch with which you can choose between two types of behaviors: slow or jitter.

On the left side, you can also decide either to run it in free mode or in sync with your DAW session.

Flux Light is capable to add interest, life, and character to any audio signal you feed into it. It’s a nice tool to add a vintage vibe to your sounds/tracks with imperfection and character.

Yum Audio Flux Light is available as a free download and runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. Flux Machine, the full version is available for 69€ instead of 99€.

More information here: Yum Audio 

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