Reason 11 Lite DAW & Rack Plugin Is Free With Every Purchase At PB

Ends July 31st, 2020

Plugin Boutique has today launched probably one of the best deals of the year. For a limited time, you can download Reason Studios Reason 11 Lite & Rack Plugin free of charge with every purchase. Simply buy a product, also possible with the inexpensive one from the shop, and add Reason 11 Lite in the shopping cart.

This deal is so interesting because, since Reason 11, it has also been available as a rack plugin, so you can also integrate it into other DAWs. Even the lite version comes with a lot of instruments, effects, etc. that can be used in other DAWs. An instrument and effect rack plugin is available for this.

Reason 11 Lite

Introducing the Reason Lite Rack Plugin, the lightweight, streamlined Plugin that includes 19 Reason devices to provide everything you need to create amazing music. Simply load it up in your favourite DAW and start making music!

Reason 11 Lite comes with Redrum (drum machine), Monotone Synthesizer, Subtractor synth, ID8 rompler, MIDI Out Device, Scream4 Distortion, RV7000 reverb, DDL-1 delay, CF-101 Chorus / Flanger, MClass compressor, limiter & stereo, scales & chords, combinator, matrix, spider cv, spider audio & line mixer. Big highlight is the modular playground where you can patch different synths, effects, etc. together. In short: this is the best way to check out the new Reason Rack Plugin world. On top, Reason 11 Lite is also included as a DAW.


  • Virtual rack of instruments and effects
  • VST3/AU/AAX plugin for use in your favourite DAW
  • 5 instruments, 8 effects, 6 MIDI effects and utilities included
  • Full support for Rack Extensions
  • Limited to 8 audio and/or MIDI tracks when used in standalone

Reason Studios Reason 11 Lite & Rack Plugin is free with every purchase at Plugin Boutique until end of July 2020.

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