Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite, Free Morphing Filter Plugin For MacOS & Windows

Minimal Audio, a new plugin company has today introduced Rift Filter Lite, a new morphing filter plugin for macOS/Windows that is free of charge for a limited time.

Minimal AUdio Rift Filter Lite

Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite

Rift Filter Lite looks very futuristic at first glance. I like the design. As if it had been developed by aerospace engineers. The plugin has a lot to offer. It features 24 unique filter types in four different categories: basic, morph, peaking, and harmonic including basic types (lowpass, highpass…) but also many unique ones. Here you find vowel filters, phasers, and others. This makes Rift Filter Lite much more interesting than many other free filter plugins that often only include very basic ones.

Then, the cutoff knob has the option to operate in three ways. Hz, tune allows you to set the cutoff to specific note values and in MIDI notes, it responds to MIDI notes. This gives you the option to play the filter frequency on a keyboard or using a sequencer. Rif Filter Lite also features an interesting morph knob. that lets you morph through different filter settings. That’s a powerful sound design tool. The knob can be operated manually or via automation in your DAW.

Further, the plugin has a spread functionality that adjusts the cutoff offsets between the two channels in the stereo signals. Yes, it operates in stereo. Looks like a must download. It free and offers a good feature set.

Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite is available for free for a limited time. To benefit from this free deal. you need to create a user account on their website. The regular price will be $59 USD. No information on how long this free deal is available. It runs as a 64-bit only VST, VST3, AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Minimal Audio