Analog Mafia RC-808-PLG, TR-808 Makers Releases Free Drum Machine Plugin

Analog Mafia has released the new RC-808-PLG, a new free Roland TR-808 inspired drum machine plugin for PC/Mac on the 808 day.

This plugin is so interesting because of two points: on the one hand, it is coded by the former developer of the hardware Roland TR-808 drum machine and on the other hand, it’s much more than just an 808 emulation.

Analog Mafia RC-808-PLG


Initially, the TR-808/909/TB-606 was created as a drum Synthesizer, not as a drum machine. This consisted of a very complex drum synthesis engine. In the end, however, this engine never found its way into today’s legendary products, but a very stripped-down version. Even without this, the devices became legendary. The developers have now built this engine into a free VST / AU drum machine and made it accessible to everyone. So the plugin now has the original engine that was never published.

With one click on the drum trigger, you get access to a huge synthesis engine that gives you everything in your hands for designing your own drum sounds. The sound source of RC-808-PLG employs DCO which is in this case Down Chirp Oscillator, combined with a noise source that outputs various kinds of noises including metallic noises. There is also an infinite point waveshaper, a variable filter bank, infinite point envelope generators etc.


The RC-808 doesn’t use samples at all, it’s all pure synthesis magic. With a maximum 8 partials per voice, it allows sound designing in subtractive synthesis manner which is familiar to all, and yet still with vast outer space beckoning to be discovered. Each of its 16 instruments to have a synthesizing power equivalent of that of a System-700 modular synth – all that magnitude just for one single instrument. Multiply that by 16, and you’ll get the idea about the scale of the original intention by the engineers.

Analog Mafia RC-808

Because we are independent from Roland Corporation, they nor we can not answer to any kind of inquiries about us and our deliverables including this website. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation for everything.

It looks like the former developers of the TR series have developed a nice free plugin here. A kind of Roland Cloud TR-808 alternative but free and even more authentic because it comes from original developers who worked on the devices at the time. I think it’s nice that you can now play and experiment with the actual engine of the TR-808 yourself. To all developers who develop TR-808 clones, please think a little further and bring one with this power. This could be the next-gen hardware 808.

Analog Mafia is:

  • Jun-ichi Kadoya: Roland 1977 – 1983, Mid-O Series software/hardware engineer, still is a programmer
  • Hisanori Matsuoka: Roland 1979 – 1995, Mid-O Series software/hardware engineer, still is an engineer
  • Kiyokazu Fujiwara: Roland 1978 – 1981, Mid-O Series sound source, now a general manager of a software maker
  • Tadao Kikumoto: Roland 1977 – 2009, Mid-O and V-Series R&D, now Silent Street Music concept maker and promotion
  • Yoshiro O-e: Roland 1978 – 1988, System-700 and Mid-O Series R&D, now operating a chemical company
  • Hiro Nakamura: Roland 1975 – 2000, CR-68, CR-78, TR-808 sound sources, engineer
  • Atsushi Hoshiai: Roland 1982 – present, sampling for the TR-909, engineer

Analog Mafia RC-808-PLG is available now as a free download for PC & Mac (VST/AU). Don’t forget to download the Refill Sounds to get the ready-to-use presets. Thanks, guys for this development!

More information here: AM

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