Adam Audio customers get GForce impOSCar 2 synth plugin for FREE

Adam Audio is giving away a license of the GForce impOSCar 2 Synthesizer plugin to its customers, an emulation of the OSCar Synthesizer.

This is how Adam Audio celebrates the start of school after the summer holidays. However, this deal is available for registered customers.

Adam Audio impOSCar 2

Adam Audio GForce

GForce impOSCar 2 is a Synthesizer plugin that authentically emulates Chris Huggett’s iconic British hybrid Synthesizer OSCar. Like the original hardware, the engine combines classic subtractive and more esoteric additive synthesis.

It has two oscillators with 13 different waveforms and an option to draw custom shapes using a programmable matrix. Various glide modes, portamento, PWM, and ring modulation also exist.

You can then shape your oscillator with an advanced filter section consisting of nine filter types. From here, it goes into a chorus effect. It has two ADSR envelopes and two-syncable multi-wave LFOs on the modulation side. Additionally, you get an arpeggiator and a handy chord memory.

impOSCar 2 can be played in mono, duo, and polyphonic modes, with unison and aftertouch.


To benefit from the GForce deal, you must have an Adam Audio account where your products are registered. The plugin runs as a 32-bit/64-bit VST and AU plugin on macOS (no Apple Silicon support) and Windows.

More information here: Adam Audio

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