Waves Audio CLA EchoSphere Plugin Free On Black Friday

Waves Audio is giving away the new CLA EchoSphere, a slap delay & reverb plugin developed in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge on Black Friday.

The EchoSphere is Waves this year’s Black Friday freebie.

Waves Audio CLA EchoSphere

Waves Audio CLA EchoSphere

CLA EchoSphere is based on CLA’s favorite hardware reverb and delay units, that deliver a go-to combination for mixing lead vocals. It includes 3 selectable slap delay EQ slopes (analog tape speeds) and modulation control to add texture and spread. According to the developers, it’s the go-to combination for lush lead vocals, based on his settings for two of his favorite hardware units.

Further, you can easily blend the two effects using the plugin’s faders. Either in parallel or with the delay sent to the reverb, as Chris does to achieve his unique lead vocal sound. Use this stellar-sounding slap/plate combination to turn any lead part. It works with a lead vocal, guitar solo, or lead synth line and your sounds into the standout element of your production.

Last but not least, Waves is currently offering a 60% discount on all its plugins and bundles and up to 2 free bonus plugins with a purchase.

Waves Audio CLA Echosphere is available for free on Black Friday.

More information here: Waves Audio (partner link)

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