Rigid Audio Granulat Granular Instrument For Kontakt 5 Free For A Limited Time

Ends December 8, 2020

Time for another freebie. VST Buzz is giving away the Rigid Audio Granulat virtual instrument for Kontakt 5/6. Granulat is a granular sound design library for Kontakt (full version), that lets you play with small grains of audio, to create cinematic sound design and rich, moving textures.

The library is available as a free download for the next days and the full version of Kontakt 5 or 6 is required.

Rigid Audio Granulat

Rigid Audio Granulat

It works by playing hundreds of small grains of audio and then shifting these in the sample range left or right. You can freeze a sample at any position within the waveform or use any of the 9 tables to quickly add complex movement to the built-in sounds.

GRANULAT comes with 300 cinematic instruments, ranging from hybrid strings, brass swells to acoustic bell-like textures and vocal atmospheres. It features nine independently running sequencers that can continually run and instantly add motion to your sounds. The sequencers to choose from are Volume, Pan, Cutoff, Pitch, Detune, Spray, Flux, Size and Shift. There is also an additional FX section with filter, reverb, delay, and flanger for extra sound-shaping options.

This library is perfect for creating dark modulating drones, light airy pads, unusual soundscapes and interesting, unique sound design. Great for cinematic cinematic underscore (eg. horror, drama etc.), sound design, ambient music, electronic music, and much more!

Rigid Audio Granulat is available for free until December 8, 2020. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5 or 6. The library doesn’t support Kontakt Player.

More information here: VST Buzz (partner link)

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