Free Plugin: Spitfire Audio LABS Granular Whalesong

Spitfire Audio has today introduced LABS Granular Whalesong, a new addition for its free virtual instrument series. Granular Whalesong features high-quality recordings of whalesong that are transformed using granular synthesis.

This collection of haunting textures was commissioned by The National Theatre and composer Jherek Bischoff, forming the bedrock of his breathtaking score for the stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane. The results are haunting soundscapes and textures.

Labs Granular Whalesong

In addition to the Granular Whalesong, Spitfire Audio has released numerous other exciting detailed LABS libraries for free in the past, each with a distinct sound character.

  • Tundra Atmos: full of amazing atmospheric textures that offer natural sounds of near-silent environments
  • Wurli: sampled Wurlitzer electronic piano by the engineer Henry Cornish
  • Soft Piano: sampled piano with a soft tone that is achieved by placing a thin strip of felt between the hammers and the strings
  • Strings: fourteen of London’s best string players, recorded at Spitfire HQ by engineer Harry Wilson. This ensemble was captured using a wide range of microphones including a vintage BBC AXB1.
  • and more…

These libraries are very nice, versatile, and enrich every plugin arsenal. Don’t miss them.

Spitfire Audio LABS Granular Whalesong is available now as a free download for the SF Audio app which is available for PC & Mac (VST, AU & AAX). Same applies to the other libraries

More information here: Spitfire Audio