75% OFF Glitchmachines Palindrome Granular Sampler Plugin

Ends June 4, 2020

Plugin Boutique has recently announced a sale on the Glitchmachines Palindrome granular sampler plugin. For a limited time, you can save 75% OFF the regular price. Palindrome is based on 4 granular samplers that features a variety of sculpting options, all of which are viable modulation targets. In addition to this, each sampler features the ability to integrate up to two insert effects, which are also assignable as modulation targets. The insert effects include three filter types, two distortion types, ring modulation, and delay.

In the center of Palindrome’s UI lies the plotting grid. The grid is a charting framework where you plot up to 16 points that determine the trajectory of a playhead. The grid coordinates of the playhead will determine which sampler outputs are currently audible. As the playhead travels along the path and over the grid zones, Palindrome will smoothly morph between the corresponding sampler outputs using a bilinear interpolation algorithm.

Glitchmachines Palindrome.


  • 4 Granular Sampler Modules
  • Morph Plotting System
  • 8 Multi-Breakpoint Envelopes
  • 2 insert FX  Per Sampler
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Comprehensive Randomizer
  • 70+ Presets & 1.5 GB of Samples
  • Win/Mac  VST/AU  32/64bit

Glitchmachines Palindrome is available now with a 75% OFF discount for 17.50€ until June 4, 2020.

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