Save 70% off on Waldorf Nave & Largo Synthesizer plugins

Audio Plugin Deals has teamed with Waldorf to offer a big sale on the Waldorf Nave and Largo Synthesizer plugins for macOS and Windows.

Waldorf Nave is available now with a 70% OFF discount. If you buy Nave, you can also benefit from a special $29.99 USD deal on the Waldorf Largo Synthesizer plugin.

Waldorf Nave Largo

Waldorf Nave

Nave is a powerful wavetable Synthesizer plugin with two independent wavetable oscillators with up to 8-oscillator Überwave and two ring modulators. There is a 3D editor with which you can edit the wavetables and create new ones using any external audio file. A highlight is the built-in speech Synthesizer with which you can synthesize your voice.

Then, you have a multimode filter, three envelopes, 2 multi-wave LFOs, and a 10-slot modulation matrix. . It also includes a fully adjustable drive with curve, depth, and position settings. With a multi-effects processor (modulation delay, reverb, chorus…) you can refine your sounds. Plus, you have a three-band parametric equalizer and compressor.

Nave is playable with a traditional keyboard, optional chord mode, or touch plates with musical scales. You also get an arpeggiator, polyphonic aftertouch, and three customizable X/Y pads. Pretty handy is the ability to exchange sound patches with the Nave version on iPad.


Waldorf Largo

Largo is a wavetable Synthesizer that is inspired by the Waldorf Blofeld. No emulation but many points are reminiscent of the well-known desktop synth. Three versatile oscillators (VA or wavetable), two of them with sub-oscillator, two Waldorf multimode filters with resonance up to self-oscillation as well as different effects. There are also some fast envelopes and LFOs with parameters and all programmable from a modulation matrix.

It also hosts a flexible arpeggiator with 16 freely programmable steps as known from the exclusive Q Synthesizer line. Certainly not a highly complex Synthesizer, but one with a very distinctive sound.


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