OSL Side Effects stereo field manipulator plugin FREE with every purchase at ADSR

ADSR Sounds announced today that they are giving away the OSL Side Effects plugin with every purchase during the month of August (2021).

OSL Side Effects is a versatile audio plugin for advanced stereo field manipulation in both subtle and creative ways

OSL Side Effects

OSL Side Effects

It separates a stereo signal into mid and side channels. Here, you can then independently equalize, compress, saturate, boost, attenuate, and pan the channels. The developer promises creative options to mangle the stereo field.

The plugin features a 4-band mid/side EQ with an interactive graph, an FFT spectrum analyzer as well as a mid/side compressor with a transfer curve graph. Then, it includes gain reduction meters, tape-style saturation, and mid/side stereo panners. Input and output controls give you precise control over your levels, a goniometer for stereo visualization and a phase meter are also onboard. At the end of the signal chain, it also includes mid/side and left/right output meters.

Side Effects is light on CPU, can run with an up to 16x oversampled engine, and includes 17 factory presets. The latter serves as the starting point for the plugin. Nice, all parameters are also automatable from the host DAW.

OSL Side Effects is available now for free with every purchase at ADSR Sounds. No minimum to spend. The plugin runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: ADSR Sounds

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