No-Brainer Sale: Get iZotope Iris 2 spectral Synthesizer for free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique. iZotope Iris 2 is sample-based spectral Synthesizer with a 4-layer engine. All Layers are supported by different filters, a modern modulation system, a wide range of effects and more. On top, you will receive 11GB of high-quality sample content.

Iris 2 is a great Synthesizer plugin for creating atmospheric drones, soundscapes, textures… An absolute no-brainer deal in my opinion, because wie the sample import function gives you endless sound design possibilities.

iZotope Iris 2

Create and discover musical sounds that have never been heard before. An inspiring sample-based synthesizer, Iris 2 is immediately playable—combining the power of a sampler, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the fun of spectral filtering. 

Get started fast by selecting from hundreds of expertly crafted Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Rhythmic patches. Then customize or build your own patches with an 11 GB factory library of intriguing audio samples, a modern modulation system, classic filters, evocative effects, and more. Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Iris 2.

Key Features

  • Explore a World of Sound: Load one of hundreds of fresh and inspiring patches, and easily experiment with the most relevant parameters via Macro controls.
  • Build your Own Synth: Invent sounds that are completely your own by layering up to four different samples from a built-in collection of analog oscillator waveforms, an 11 GB sample library, or your own personal audio files.
  • Design your Own Filters: Get the best-sounding and most unique filters by drawing, selecting, and isolating sonic components from each sample layer using iZotope’s award-winning spectral filtering technology.
  • Shape your Own Sound: Develop expressive, dynamic, and evolving musical sounds with the powerful and flexible new modulation system. Access every control from one window, or reveal only what you need with a dynamic new user interface.

Every purchase from Plugin Boutique until 31st August 2019 proves you eligible for a free Iris 2 NFR license, usually priced £139 / $149. Each Customer is eligible for 1 x copy of iZotope Iris 2 only.

With these plugins, it will be the cheapest: Audified inValve Effects ($5)The Riser (8,75 €)Vacuum Vintage (9,88€), …

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