XILS Lab Black Friday, save up to 75% OFF on synths and effects

XILS Lab has announced its Black Friday sale with discounts of up to 75% OFF on its Synthesizer (KaoX, PolyM…) and effects plugins.

These are currently one of the best prices I’ve seen for XILS Lab plugins.

Xils Lab Black Friday 2022

XILS Lab Black Friday

The French plugin developer XILS Lab is known for very authentic Synthesizer emulations. For example, the XILS 4 is an authentic VCS3 Synthi emulation but on steroids that is beloved by many users.

There are also very high-quality effect processors. This year, Black Friday comes with huge discounts on XILS Lab plugins:

  • XILS 4 (VCS3 Synthi emulation on steroids): 59€ (67% OFF)
  • XILS V+ : 59€ (60% OFF)
  • DeeS (De Esser plugin): 39€ (56% OFF)
  • XILS 505 (Roland RS-505 Vocoder emulation): 59€ (60% OFF)
  • Vocoder 5000: 59€ (60% OFF)
  • 201 Vocoder: 59€ (60% OFF)
  • Chor’X (chorus plugin): 39€ (33% OFF)
  • PolyKB III (RSF PolyKobol 2 emulation): 59€ (60% OFF)
  • PolyM (Polymoog emulation): 59€ (60% OFF)
  • KaoX FM Synthesizer: 59€ (67% OFF)
  • LX112 Pro: 39€ (50% OFF)
  • StiX drum machine: 69€
  • Syn’X (Elka Synthex emulation): 99€ (50% OFF)

The Black Friday 2022 deals are available until January 8th, 2023. If you buy at Plugin Boutique, you not only support the Plugin Deals website, thanks a lot, but you also get a free plugin on top.

More information here: XILS Lab 

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