80% OFF Wusik Synthesizer Plugins Including Wusik Station V10 Preorder (Summer Sale)

Ends August 1st, 2019

Wusik is an indie music software company from Brazil that offers a wide range of different Synthesizer plugins. The most well-known product here is Wusik Station, a Synthesizer/sampler plugin that will release soon a major v10 update.

To celebrate the summer holidays, Wusik has announced a limited time 80% OFF sale on his plugins including the pre-order on Wusik Station v10. Use the coupon CRAZYSUMMER at check out. On top, you receive with any purchase three free Synthesizer products: Wusik ZR (Beta), D Looper (pre-order) and 8008 (ready for download).

Wusik Summer Sale

Among others are included in the sale

Wusik Station V9 is a multi-engine Synthesizer/sampler that features a huge amount of sound design features

  • different oscillators: sample player with SF2 support, wave sequencer, drawable OSC, granular synthesis…
  • different filter types including a custom user filter and effect script type
  • multi-line graphical envelopes with per-stage curve support
  • unlimited number of mod envelopes and LFO’s
  • effects
  • 16GB of sound content

Wusik 8008 is a Synthesizer plugin with a fixed path of audio, but with a modular wire system for modulation. It features a wide range of different modules from classic oscillators, sample player, multi-line envelopes, LFO’s and more.

Wusik EVE V5 is another Synthesizer plugin but with a more easy-to-use interface that offers 4 oscillators slots, different filters, envelopes, LFO’s, effects as well as 16GB of sound content

Wusik ZR is a new upcoming Synthesizer plugin with a single-cycle wave playback engine with hyper oversampling code using SSE2/AVX. It

and many other products.

Wusik Summer Sale is valid until August 1st, 2019. Use the coupon CRAZYSUMMER at check out to benefit from 80% OFF on every product and get three synth plugins on top for free.

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