Free Plugin: Valhalla DSP Supermassive Packed With Lush Delays & Reverbs

Valhalla DSP plugins all sound great and are always on “sale” for $50. For those who don’t want to spend money, there is now a new free plugin called Valhalla DSP Supermassive from Sean Costello that is made for super lush reverbs & delays. Supermassive is based on a variety of feedback delay networks, where each delay in the structure can be up to 2 seconds long.

Combine these long delays with the unique WARP control, and the results range from echoes that slowly fade in, to cascading harmonic echoes, to lush reverbs, onwards to reverbs that decay way over the course of minutes. Without testing the plugin and only the description makes me very hot for it. You know what Mister Costello’s creation sounds like

Valhalla Supermassive


  • Tempo synced delays, up to 2 seconds
  • Multiphase delay modulation
  • DENSITY control, that allows you to dial in pointillistic echoes, lush reverbs, echo clusters, and all sorts of sounds in between.
  • Eight unique delay/reverb MODES, named after celestial objects:
    • Gemini: Fast attack, shorter decay, high echo density.
    • Hydra: Fast-ish attack, shorter decay, low to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
    • Centaurus: Medium attack, longer decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
    • Sagittarius: Slow attack, longer decay, high echo density
    • Great Annihilator: Medium attack, very long decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
    • Andromeda: Slowest attack, very long decay, very high echo density
    • Lyra: Fast attack, shorter decay, low echo density
    • Capricorn: Fast attack, shorter decay, medium echo density
  • Cross-platform preset browser

Valhalla DSP Supermassive is available now as a free download for PC & Mac (VST/AU/AAX).

More information here: Valhalla DSP