Ends September 15th, 2019

UVI Lucky sale just has just started with 30% OFF on all virtual instruments, plugins, bundles, and sound expansions. It includes the flagship Synthesizer Falcon, Vintage Vault 2, all effects plugins (Plate, Relayer…) as well as the virtual instruments.

For those who are interested in Falcon Synthesizer, this is the perfect opportunity to get this plugin much cheaper. It features virtual analog, multi-granular, FM, physical modeling, wavetable and more in one plugin. This is topped with many effects and modulation options. As a true monster synth.


Turn up your luck this Friday the 13th! Save 30% on all UVI products including Falcon, Vintage Vault 2, Meteor, Pulsar, Key Suite Electric and much more… Don’t miss out! Your luck may last all year but this deal will only be around for 3 days!

UVI Lucky Sale includes:

  • Falcon Synthesizer
  • Vintage Vault 2
  • Toy Suite
  • Drum Designer
  • PX V8
  • Whoosh FX
  • Key Suite Acoustic
  • Key Suite Electric
  • Key Suite Digital
  • Plate reverb
  • Thorus
  • Relayer
  • Synth Anthology 2
  • BeatBox Anthology 2
  • Orchestral Suite
  • Augmented Piano
  • World Suite
  • FM Suite
  • Walker
  • String Machines 2
  • OB Legacy
  • IRCAM Solo Instruments
  • and more…

The offer is valid through September 15th, 2019.

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