60% OFF (Up To) On U-he Synthesizers & Effects Plugins

Ends January 7, 2021

Native Instruments has today announced a massive holiday sale on the U-he Synthesizers and effects plugins. A sale on U-he plugins is rare and whoever is interested in these should get them now. Don’t complain when it’s over, I said it

Single products like Zebra 2, Dark Zebra 2, Diva, Hive 2, Repro Synthesizers, or effects like Colour Copy are now 50% OFF. If you are interested in the entire collection, you can save up to 60% OFF the regular price. It’s 51€ per plugin which is a great deal considering the quality and the support of U-he plugins.

U-he Holiday Sale

U-he Synthesizer on Sale

Zebra 2 (199€→ 99,50€) A sonic playground with a flexible modular architecture but none of the wires. Great for fast sound design, and deceptively deep when you need it.

Dark Zebra 2 Library (99€→ 49,50€) Soundpack with 400 presets created by Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr. Plus ZebraHZ – a custom-built version of Zebra2 made for Hans Zimmer. (Requires Zebra2 license.)

HIVE 2  (149€→ 74,50€) Light on CPU, heavy on the sound – Hive 2 is a workhorse synth for advanced modern sound design, with a streamlined interface, intuitive feedback, and quick modulation routing.

DIVA (179€→ 89,50€) A legendary synth in its own right, touted as one of the best-sounding soft synths out there. Mix and match components based on classic hardware gear for the best of all worlds.

Repro/Repro-5 (149€→ 74,50€) Two classic late-70s/early-80s synths brilliantly modeled by u-he. One mono, one poly, both truly authentic takes on vintage sounds with plenty of under-the-hood tweakability.

U-he Effects On Sale

Satin (129€→ 64,50€) an expertly designed tape simulator with multiple options for building your (im)perfect machine. Additional delay and flange options make it a versatile effects unit.

Colour Copy (69€→ 34,50€) inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays from the 70s and 80s. Plenty of powerful additional features, and ultra-smooth delay lines in a small but mighty package.

Twangström (69€→ 34,50€) analog meets digital in a spring reverb with lots of tricks up its sleeve. Reverb sounds modelled from classic gear, but with lots of potential for complex modulation.

Presswerk (129€ → 64,50€) versatile compression and saturation inspired by a diverse range of analog gear. Variable modes for both modern and classic sonic makeups

If you can’t decide which plugin to buy and are interested in all of them, there is also a bundle with all of them. The U-he Collection features all plugins from this sale for 459€ instead of 1171€. U-he Holiday sale at Native Instruments is valid until January 7, 2021.

More information here: Native Instruments (partner link)