TAL NoiseMaker, free Synthesizer plugin now with a modern GUI

TAL (Togu Audio Line) has today released a major update for its beloved free Synthesizer plugin NoiseMaker.

The new version doesn’t bring any new features, but it introduces a new modern GUI that improves the workflow a lot.

TAL NoiseMaker GUI

TAL NoiseMaker GUI

According to TAL, the audio engine remains the same and the plugin is backward compatible with the former NoiseMaker versions. So you can still recall your presets and projects without any problems.

As a reminder, NoiseMaker is an easy-to-use 6-voice Synthesizer plugin with three oscillators (2 main oscillators and a sub). They have multiple waveforms and offer a wide range of oscillator modulations including PWM, sync, FM, and ring mod. This also enables advanced sound design.

Then, you get a set of 4x oversampled filters (24 dB LP, 18 dB LP, 12 dB LP, 6 dB LP, 12 dB HP, 12 dB BP, Notch) including a dedicated filter ADSR envelope.

On the modulation side, you have an amp ADSR envelope, a routable multi-segment envelope with positive/negative modulation as well as two multi-wave LFOs. They can run in different modes: free, sync to host, or triggered by the note. It also hosts adjustable velocity, pitch wheel control, and more.

A multi-effects processor is also onboard. You get a Juno-style chorus, reverb, delay, adjustable filter drive, and bit-crusher. NoiseMaker (v5) also supports MIDI learn for knobs and a well-filled preset browser with 256 presets.

There is no demo for the current version, but here one with the old one.

TAL Noisemaker is available now as a free download for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin with support for Apple M1 computers.

More information here: Togu Audio Line (TAL)