Super Hot Summer Plugin Deals, save up to 95% OFF & freebies

It’s time for the Super Hot Summer Plugin Deals 2021. The prices for music tech software tumble down not only during Black Friday or Christmas season but also in Summer.

If you don’t want to wait until Winter 2021 for the next BF deals, you can now save a lot with similar offers on software products.

Super Hot Plugin Deals

Super Hot Summer Plugin Deals

In this article, you will find all current summer deals on plugins, Kontakt libraries but also on sample libraries, and more. From small (AudioThing, Glitchmachines, and big music tech companies like iZotope and others. And those who buy cleverly benefit twice from the Summer deals. Our partners Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds offer a free plugin for every purchase (no minimum).

Plugin Boutique adds the Melda Production MDynamicEQ, an EQ plugin to every purchase for free. On the other side, you receive the OSL Side Effects stereo manipulator plugin for free at ADSR Sounds with every purchase.

The list also includes numerous free plugins deals without a purchase. However, they can have a free download expiration date.

Minimal Audio Rift Early Adopter 41% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique01/09/2021
iZotope Elements Sale85% OFFPluginsMixing & Mastering
Audio Repair
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Reveal Sound Spire Summer Sale22% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique
ADSR Sounds
Baby Audio Smooth Operator Sale40% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/12/2021
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Sale49% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
W.A Production All In One: Babylon Presets Sale90% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique09/09/2021
KV331 Audio Summer Sale55% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
W.A Production Babylon Sale80% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique09/09/2021
Cherry Audio Memorymode Intro Sale28% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
W.A. Production Instascale Sale89% OFFPluginsUtilitiesPlugin Boutique26/08/2021
United Plugins Royal Compressor Sale50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
Audiority British Tanks Sale25% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique09/08/2021
W.A Production All In One: ImPerfect Presets Sale90% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique19/08/2021
Kilohearts Phase Plant + FREE Synthwave Dimensions Expansion Sale 10% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
AIR Music Sale90% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique
ADSR Sounds
Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite FREEPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique01/09/2021
Have Audio Summer Sale50% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique26/08/2021
W.A Production ImPerfect Synth Sale84% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique19/08/2021
Endlesss Introductory Sale50% OFFPluginsDAWPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Iceberg Audio The Sub Summer Sale33% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
dSONIQ Realphones Summer Sale45% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
AAS Summer Sale52% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Plugin Boutique
Rob Papen Rhythm Guitar - RG Sale60% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
UNDRGRND Sounds Redlight Sale70% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
United Plugins Electrum Intro Sale71% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique05/09/2021
Krotos Weaponiser Sale40% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique
ADSR Sounds
United Plugins Summer Guitar Bundle Sale68% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale43% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Cherry Audio Sale77% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Strix Instruments Pripyat Pianos Summer Sale 85% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
u-he Hive 2 + FREE Synthwave Expansion Sale11% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Positive Grid Sale40% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique01/09/2021
Eventide Clockworks Bundle Sale72% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique
ADSR Sounds
BeatSkillz Virtual Instruments Sale86% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
BeatSkillz Virtual Instrument Bundle88% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
W.A Production Preset Pack Sale68% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique09/03/2022
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Pack Bundle Sale38% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus FREEPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Frontline Producer Keys Sale50% OFFSoundwareSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiority Massive Dubstep Presets Sale 80% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Hexachords Orb Synth Sale90% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/01/2022
Loot Audio90% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesLoot Audio-
MeldaProduction MDynamicEQFREE with a purchase at PBPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
United Plugins Manufacturer Focus Sale 61% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
e-instruments Session Keys Electric W 50% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
EVAbeat Melody Sauce Sale20% OFFPluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
Air Music Technology Summer Sale92% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Virtual Instruments
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Tone Empire Loc-Ness 2 Sale60% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Caelum Audio Smoov Sale20% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
United Plugins SubBass Doctor 808 Sale50% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique22/08/2021
Glitchmachines Parallax Sale 85% OFFSample LibrariesSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique01/09/2021
Audio Damage Discord4 Sale 50% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Glitchmachines Cataract Sale85% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique01/09/2021
Virtual CZ Summer Sale39% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
AudioThing Wires Sale35% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Radio Sale70% OFF PluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
AKAI MPC 2.1 Sale67% OFFDAWDAWPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
e-instruments Summer Sale40% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
Rob Papen Predator 2 & Upgrade Sale31% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
BeatSkillz Bounce Sale95% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Boz Digital Labs Imperial Delay Sale 75% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique18/08/2021
Loot Audio Vektor60% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
Ben Osterhouse Secco Strings Sale 49% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Glitchmachines Vulcan Sale 80% OFFSoundwareSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique01/09/2021
SONiVOX August Sale95% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Virtual Instruments
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Serum Presets Sale52% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansions Summer Sale52% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
BigKick Expansions Summer Sale53% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
VirtualCZ Expansions Summer Sale48% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiority The Forge Sale 63% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Photosounder SplineEQ65% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Organic Loops Strings Sale50% OFFSoundwareSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Cinematique Instruments Marble Sale 30% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Frontline Producer Soul Funk Sale50% OFFSoundwareSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Singomakers Crystal EQ Sale50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiority Omnisphere Omniscapes Sale 50% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiothing TX-101 72% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Beat Zampler Expansions Sale72% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Tone2 Sale20% OFFPluginsSynthesizersProducerSpot31/08/2021
Oblivion Sound Lab Side EffectsFREE with every purchasePlugins Mixing & MasteringADSR Sounds31/08/2021
iZotope Mix & Master Sale85% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
iZotope upgrades/crossgrades50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
iZotope Music Production Suite 450% OFFPluginsSynthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique
ADSR Sounds
Tonal Balance Bundle50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Ozone 9 Advanced40% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique
ADSR Sounds
United Plugins Hyperspace Reverb Sale50% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique29/08/2021
Voxengo PrimeEQ Sale 30% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
Sampleson Melox Pro Sale50% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique13/08/2021
W.A Production InstaChord & Presets Sale90% OFF (Up To)PluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique09/09/2021
W.A Production All In One: Ascension Presets Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique16/09/2021
Soundiron Bontabulous Fabtraption Sale32% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique20/08/2021
MeldaProduction MDrumEditing Bundle48% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsADSR Sounds-
dSONIQ Realphones Ultimate45% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringADSR Sounds01/09/2021
dSONIQ Realphones Professional45% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringADSR Sounds01/09/2021
dSONIQ Realphones Lite45% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringADSR Sounds01/09/2021
UJAM Chillhop Bundle33.03%PluginsVirtual InstrumentsADSR Sounds-
UJAM Pop Bundle34.65%PluginsVirtual InstrumentsADSR Sounds-
Karanyi Sounds Vapor Keys 262% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesADSR Sounds31/08/2021
Aria Sounds Aurora Choir90% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesADSR Sounds-
NoiseAsh Best of NoiseAsh74% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringADSR Sounds-
AudioCipher Technologies AudioCipher V232% OFFPluginsUtilityADSR Sounds15/08/2021
Electronik Sound Lab 808 Bass Module 460% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsADSR Sounds-
Sampleson Glassy34% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsADSR Sounds-
AudioThing Things Bundle53% OFFPluginsEffectsADSR Sounds-
Pitch Bending MIDI Bundle56% OFFPluginsEffectsADSR Sounds-
NoiseAsh Sale79% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
ADSR Sounds-
New Nation Software80% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsADSR Sounds-
Digital Brain Instruments Transformer70% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsAudio Plugin Deals18/08/2021
Sampletraxx Cinematic Traxx Bundle77% OFFSoundwareKontakt Libraries
Audio Plugin Deals15/08/2021
BigWerks Book of Sounds II 82% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesAudio Plugin Deals17/08/2021
Deplike Perfect Rig of Guitar FX 75% OFFPluginsEffectsAudio Plugin Deals16/08/2021
SongWish reMIDI 275% OFFPluginsUtilityAudio Plugin Deals19/08/2021
IK Multimedia 25th Anniversary Group BuyBuy 1 get 2 free (10/08/2021)PluginsSynthesizers
Virtual Instruments
Mixing & Mastering
IK Multimedia31/08/2021
iZotope Summer Sounds Bundle Summer Sale96% OFFPluginsSynthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Summer Sale 20% OFFPluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Summer Flash Sale60% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique15/08/2021
Aberrant DSP Summer Sale 37% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Aberrant DSP SketchCassette & Shapeshifter Bundle Summer Sale 37% OFF PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
CloudBounce Summer Sale93% OFF (Up To)StandaloneMasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Melda MMorph Summer Sale60% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Polyverse Manipulator Summer Sale25% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audio Damage Discord4 Summer Sale 51% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
SoundSpot Vocal Processing Bundle Summer Sale96% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
SoundSpot Producers Bundle Summer Sale 97% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
SoundSpot Drum Sculpting Bundle Summer Sale98% OFFPlugins EffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Devious Machines Pitch Monster Summer Sale30% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audible Genius Building Blocks Summer Sale50% OFF (Up To)SoundwareMIDIPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Glitchmachines Summer Sale85% OFF (Up To)Plugins
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Mozaic Beats Chord Prism Summer Sale 33% OFFPluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
AudioThing Wires Summer Sale 35% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Cherry Audio Polymode Summer Sale 61% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
DJ Swivel Summer Sale51% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
zplane Elastique Pitch 2 Summer Sale 35% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Analyser 2 Summer Sale 78% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Leapwing Audio CenterOne Summer Sale20% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Hexachords Orb Composer 1.5 Summer Sale50% OFFDAWDAWPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
BLEASS Audio Classics Bundle Summer Sale 50% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Tone Empire Loc-Ness 2 Summer Sale60% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiomodern Opacity & Opacity II Bundle Summer Sale20% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiomodern Opacity & Opacity II Summer Sale35% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch PIB Summer Sale20% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audified Summer Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
accusonus Beat Making & Drum Mixing Summer Sale 30% OFFPluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
accusonus ERA Summer Sale20% OFFPluginsMixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique BigKick Summer Sale40% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
BigKick Expansions Summer Sale53% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Summer Sale40% OFFPlugin SynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansions Summer Sale52% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Audiority Summer Sale 40% OFFPluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
DopeSONIX Summer Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Voxengo Summer Sale30% OFFPluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Image Line Toxic Biohazard Summer Sale 50% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Acon Digital DeVerberate 2 Summer Sale40% OFFPluginsRepairPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Radio Summer Sale70% OFFPluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Loopmasters Patchworx Summer Sale 50% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
BeatSkillz RetroVolt Summer Sale 50% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Sampleson Summer Sale 60% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Venomode Bestsellers Bundle Summer Sale70% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Future Audio Workshop Circle2 City Sounds Bundle Summer Sale 50% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Singomakers Phat Booster Summer Sale50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/08/2021
Harrison Consoles AVA Multiband Compressor Summer Sale 81% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
AudioThing Kontakt Bundle Summer Sale 70% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Stagecraft Addiction Synth Summer Sale 81% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Mastering The Mix eBooks Summer Sale 50% OFFTutorialsBooksPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Plugin Boutique Serum Presets Sale50% OFFSoundwarePreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Strix Instruments EMISYNTH Summer Sale70% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Photosounder Summer Sale87% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/08/2021
Eventide H949 Harmonizer Flashback Sale75% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique07/09/2021
W.A Production Zqueezer Intro Sale50% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique30/09/2021
Wavesfactory Body Percussion Intro Sale48% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Boz Digital Labs Sale61% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/08/2021
Cymatics OriginFREEPluginsEffectsCymatics -

Attention, pay attention to the date of each deal. The deal expires on these, after which it will be offered again at the regular price.