94% OFF Soundspot Ravage Creative Distortion Plugin (PC/Mac)

Ends January 2nd, 2020

Soundspot Ravage is a creative distortion plugin for PC & Mac that features six different types of distortion that let you shape your signal. It includes also possibilities to filter and modulate it with custom-drawn LFO shapes.

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Soundspot Ravage


  • Heat things up with 6 distortion types: Digital, Tube, Diode, Lin Fold, Zero Sq and Rectify
  • Add movement to parameters using custom-drawn modulation shapes
  • Destroy parameter pushes the signal even harder through the distortion processor
  • Pan the distortion across the stereo field
  • Tailor the distortion response with filtering, input/output gain, and dark/bright weighting
  • Reverse, Smooth and adjust Pulse Width for modulator signals
  • Auto output control compensates level when Drive is increased
  • Oversampling is set intelligently behind the scenes to ensure the best sound quality

Select from six modeled distortion algorithms: Tube, Digital, Diode, Linear Fold, Zero Sq and Rectify, each with a different personality for adding grit and dirt to audio. Use the Drive control to push the signal harder, and use the Destroy parameter to fully smash up any audio. There are high- and low-pass filters onboard, as well as a Dark/Bright slider,  to weight the distortion’s energy.

Animate your distortion in Ravage’s Movement panel, which lets you assign modulators to one of eight destinations including Drive and Pan. With draw-your-own modulator shapes, you can customize an LFO’s movement using nodes and curves to whip up customized patterns. To take your modulation further, Ravage offers playhead reversal, waveform smoothing, and pulse width manipulation.

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