Save 82% OFF on Tracktion F.’em multi-layer FM Synthesizer plugin (29€ deal)

VST Buzz has announced a massive deal on the Tracktion F.’em, a multi-layer FM Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows.

For a limited time, you can save 82% OFF and get this impressive 4-layer FM synth for just 29€.

Tracktion F em plugin deals

Tracktion F.’em

F.’em is a Synthesizer plugin that is very reminiscent of the Korg opsix concept. Away from classic FM synthesis à la DX7 to modern FM synthesis that is fully customizable and incorporates elements from other areas.

Key features are: 4 layers, each with 4 effects, modular algorithms, unique wave, and multi-sample operators, various filters, modifiers, and more.

The versatility and flexibility of the operators particularly stand out here. There are no fixed algorithms, you can craft your algos by feeding any wave operator into any other wave operator forward and backward.

F.’em is not just limited to sine-based operators. It offers different waveforms (sines, virtual analog ones…) as well as hard sync found in analog synths. There are also multi-sample and noise operators with frequency modulation.

Subtractive Extras

Then, each operator comes with its own pitch and level LFO and its own pitch and level envelope. As you know it from FM synths. F.’em also has a lot of what classic subtractive synths have: two freely-routable filters with an overdrive stage, 2 flexible flow LFOs, more envelopes, modulation matrix, and more.

On top, you work on each layer with four different effects. All this gives you four independent synthesizers in one that you can play together in a patch.

F.’em is a flagship FM Synthesizer packed with features. It takes some time to explore all the possibilities. The built-in presets show how far sound design can go. The plugin is certainly not from the category: “more of the same DX-7 emulation”.

Tracktion F.’em is available now for 29€ instead of 170€ (82% OFF) at VST Buzz. It runs as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows. The deal is valid until February 7th, 2023.

More information here: VST Buzz