Get Kilohearts Bitcrush plugin FREE with every purchase at ADSR Sounds (EXPIRED)

This month, the webshop ADSR Sounds is offering Kilohearts Bitcrush, an easy-to-use bit crusher plugin, and addon for their Snapins environment free with every purchase.

We know these deals from Plugin Boutique, now ADSR Sounds also offers the same concept. A free plugin for every purchase.

Kilohearts Bitcrush

Kilohearts Bitcrush

Bitcrush is a classic bit crusher plugin great for creating distortions, analog-style radio effects, or add lo-fi timbres to your sounds and tracks. It can bring you back to the digital hardware of times past. Bitcrush simulates the audio being played back using a low-quality sampler with a limited sample rate and bit depth. Thus, you get some lovely crunchy results out of it.

As small as it is, it offers numerous parameters to shape your timbres. You can set the downsampling rate right in the display, adjust the bit rate, adjust the analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog conversions, add noise, and more.

Handy, the plugin has a resize handle with which you can scale the UI to any size.

Kilohearts Bitcrush is available now as a free download with every purchase at ADSR Sounds throughout the month of July 2021. Simply add the plugin during the checkout at your cart. It runs as a VST/AU plugin on macOS and Windows and as a Snapins in Kilohearts plugins.

More information here: ADSR Sounds