64% OFF Eventide MangledVerb & UltraTap Delay Plugins

For those who missed the second chance to benefit from the $29 USD Eventide sale, there is still good news. Eventide MangledVerb and UltraTap are still on sale for $29/27€.

Eventide MangledVerb UltraTap


MangledVerb™ is a unique effect combining reverb and distortion. Ported directly from the award-winning H9 Harmonizer®, MangledVerb is capable of creating lush reverbs, ripping distortion leads and sound-sculpting musical chaos. Guitarists have used it for years to create signature sounds and now you can have it in your favorite D.A.W.

It starts with a variable pre-delay which feeds a stereo reverb into a complex distortion effect. Sonically it can range from the light friction of a bow scraping a cello string to the mayhem of a caged beast being poked with a red hot flounder.


UltraTap is a unique multi-tap effect capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells and extraordinary modulation. It’s the perfect tool for creating drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords and other evolving effects — everything from reversed reverbs to a massed church choir singing a Gregorian chant in Notre-Dame Cathedral! 

Both Eventide plugins are now on sale for a limited time for $29 USD at Reverb.com

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