60% OFF UVI Attack EP88 Tacked Electric Piano

Ends July 8, 2019

UVI has launched a 60% OFF sale on its Attack EP88 virtual instrument, the world’s first tacked electric piano library

UVI Attack EP88

Attack EP88 is the world’s first tacked electric piano library and possibly the most comprehensive electric piano library of any kind. Built on a foundation of over 47,000 samples, it is an incredibly rich sounding and deeply customizable instrument, providing numerous discrete signal paths including DI, tube, contact mic, mono mic and stereo pair, unique envelopes and effects for both the electric and acoustic signals, and discrete voicing and tuning controls for all 88 keys.

The only library of its kind, Attack EP88 delivers an entirely new take on the much-loved electric piano sound, in the most user-friendly and comprehensive way we could imagine.


  • 88-key Rhodes Mark 1 prepared with brass tacks.
  • 5 discrete and fully mixable signals (DI, tube, contact, mono and stereo pair).
  • Internal signal routed via 3 busses (contact, mono and stereo, and DI and tube).
  • Independent envelopes and effects per-bus (including Thorus, Dual Delay and Sparkverb).
  • 8 velocity layers and up to 5 round-robins per-mic, per-note.
  • Pedal-up, pedal-down and key noise recordings (7 round-robins each).
  • Contact mic recordings made per tine.
  • Per-note voicing control (3 tack positions recorded, per-signal, per-note).
  • Per-note tuning control.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • 70 presets.
  • 47,000+ sample library losslessly streamed for speed and efficiency.
  • Flexible licensing supports 3 concurrent authorizations.

Available here