40% OFF (Up To) Eurorack Modules & Hardware Synths At Signal Sounds

Signal Sounds, the UK-based Synthesizer & music instrument shop has many Eurorack modules on sale with a significant discount. Per example, 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler is on sale with a 27% OFF discount or the Verbos Electronics multi-envelope with a 29% OFF.

Signal Sounds


  • 29% OFF Verbos Electronics Multi-Envelope
  • 27% OFF 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler Eurorack Module (STS)
  • 32% OFF Make Noise Rene Cartesian Eurorack Sequencer
  • 19% OFF WMD Performance Mixer
  • 17% OFF Erica Synths Snare Drum
  • 19% OFF Doepfer Dark Energy III Analog Desktop Synthesizer
  • 14% OFF Erica Synths Drum Sequencer
  • 40% OFF Erica Synths Black VC EG Eurorack Envelope Generator Module
  • 23% OFF Erica Synths Black VCA Eurorack Module
  • 30% OFF Erica Synths Pico CV Mixer Eurorack Module
  • 31% OFF Erica Synths Pico EG Eurorack Envelope Generator Module
  • 32% OFF Erica Synths Black CV Processor Eurorack Module
  • 32% OFF Erica Synths Pico VCF-3 Eurorack Module
  • 36% OFF Erica Synths Black PFL Eurorack Expander Module (Stereo Mixer)
  • 27% OFF AQA Elektrix Eurorack Triple Envelope Generator Module (now ACL)
  • 16% OFF Moog Music Subsequent 37 Analogue Synth
  • 22% OFF Cyclone Analogic TT-606 Drum Drone Analogue Drum Machine
  • 40% OFF AVP Synths MBS-100 MIDI Bass Analogue Synth
  • 20% OFF Studio Electronics Mix 4 Eurorack Mixer Module
  • 23% OFF Harvestman Piston Honda Mk2 Wavetable Oscillator Eurorack Module
  • 18% OFF Make Noise Tempi Eurorack Clock Module
  • 27% OFF Audio Damage ADM015 Spectre Eurorack Module
  • 27% OFF Audio Damage ADM010 Kompressor Eurorack Module
  • 33% OFF Waldorf NW-1 Eurorack Wavetable Oscillator Module
  • 22% OFF Hexinverter Electronique Mutant Clap Eurorack Drum Module
  • 21% OFF Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600 Eurorack Synth Module

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