60% OFF Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm DIY Drum Sampler

Another product that is in EOL (end of life) status is the Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm, a DIY portable drum sampler that can be built within 10 minutes without the need of solder. It offers eight tracks of drum/percussion sampling and comes with a dedicated 16-step sequencer. The drum sampler provides the ability to store up to 64 16-bit mono samples, with sample rates ranging up to 44.1 kHz. You can incorporate samples via the CraftApp which is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

For a limited time, you can buy the Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm with a 60% OFF discount.

Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm


  • 8 track drum/percussion sampler instrument kit with built in 16 step sequencer, requires no soldering, electronics skills or tools
  • Can store up to 64 x 16-bit mono samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz, and using CraftApp users can upload their own samples
  • Mixer stage per track with level and pan controls
  • Low pass resonant filter per track with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope
  • Amplitude Attack-Hold-Decay envelope per track
  • Tune control with 3 different pitch modes – SPEED, STRETCH and SHIFT
  • SPEED alters the pitch by playing the sample faster or slower
  • STRETCH selects the number of steps the sample will be stretched to fit into, allowing for tempo matching for looped samples
  • SHIFT activates a pitch shifting algorithm that maintains the original sample length along with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope, which works well with samples containing melodic content
  • 16 recallable patterns with up to 16 part pattern chaining
  • 8 recallable kits that store the per-track parameters for sonic changes on the fly
  • Global tempo and tap tempo with a step division for semi-quavers, quavers and quarter notes
  • Pattern groove control that up to half way increases the swing/shuffle amount and then provides 8 preset grooves that allow for triplets and other non-conventional rhythms
  • Live input mode allows steps to be played in while the sequencer is running
  • Class-compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Headphone and line output
  • Powered by USB Mini B or optional AAA battery pack (Adafruit 727, 3 x AAA pack)

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